Friday, December 16, 2016

Happenings in December - Early Christmas 2016

Saturday 10/12/16

Weekend is here again.
I'm so glad that I have recovered from my fever and flu, now I could enjoyed my weekend. Having good health is important, so we must always take care of ourselves well.

Heading to town with bf to enjoy our Saturday date. Weekend is also the time where I get to meet up with bf. Always cherish my weekend.

Since weather was hot and sunny, we went for a cold treat at Honeymoon Dessert @ ION Orchard.
Bf had the Mango in Vanilla Sauce with Thai Black Glutinous Rice while I opt for the blueberry ice cream in Vanilla Sauce with Thai Black Glutinous Rice.

A refreshing dessert to accompany our Saturday.

We ordered another Mango Pancake for sharing.
Feeling full from dessert, shall walk around to digest.

Christmas is just 2 weeks away, everywhere is filled with Christmas vibes. 
Here's the Christmas tree located outside ION. The Christmas Tree outside ION used to be a walk-in Christmas Tree, but now it was blocked.

We then headed over to Gardens by the Bay during evening time to chill. Instead of rushing our schedule, we took a step back and just enjoy the scenery in front of us. It was a beautiful sight ahead.

Gardens by the Bay is a perfect place to chill out with your family and friends, enjoying the scenery and away from the fast paced town. 

We took a rest near Flower Dome to rest our aching feet.

Bf presented me my Christmas gift during our rest. Since he will be in overseas during Christmas, he passed me my gift in advance. This is my first gift from him. I like the necklace very much, thanks for the lovely gift.

I wore it immediately after receiving the gift. 
Look sweet and cute at the same time. Thanks for treating me like a princess.

Strolling back to Marina for dinner, we were famished by this hour. The dessert has fully digested.
We went back to Collin again for dinner.

We ordered peach and lemonade drinks to ease our thirst, we love the peach drinks and the peach bits.

I have fish n chips. We gobbled down the food immediately when they were served piping hot because we were already very hungry. We finished the plate in 15 minutes time.

Chilling out and enjoying our quality time together after dinner.

Friday 16/12/16

I wanted to spend time with bf before he fly off tomorrow for his vacation trip with friends, so we have a meet up the day before his trip.

We have our lunch at Hooters, one of my favourite dining place in Clarke Quay.
Though Clarke Quay is known for their party place at night, it is also a great place to chill out in the day along the riverside.

I love dining at Hooters during the day because they have a valuable lunch set that cost less than $15 after GST and service charge.

I missed their buffalo wings and curly fries.
I opt for the spicy flavour.

Their buffalo wings were deep fried till crispy good and coated with the spice coating. Super shiok when consumed.

Our dinner was settled at 328 Katong Laksa at Queensway Shopping Centre. It's been more than 7 years since I last have their laksa.

Super thirsty after our walk at Hort Park.
In need of water to replenish the hydration in our body.

Katong laksa.
Love their laksa because it was not too spicy and the broth was flavourful. A nice indulgence.

End of the post with the last photo taken at Vivo City.
This marked the end of our outing and early Christmas get together.

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