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Hair Spa Review: Le Hair Spa

Congratulations to Le Hair Spa on the grand opening.

I attended the grand opening of Le Hair Spa that took place on 20 August 2017. The salon is situated along Buit Timah Road, 5-8 minutes walk away from Little India MRT station. Le Hair Spa is not an unfamiliar brand for me, they are under the same company as Le Spa, a 24hrs Massage Parlour. 

The salon has a sophisticated and posh interior that made me feel very welcoming, as though I have entered a royal palace. Behind the reception desk is this area that can accommodate 6 customers to have their hair services. Initially I thought that's pretty much about the area of the salon. Little did I know, there was a walkway that could lead us to the second level of the salon. 

The salon was very spacious and stylish, every decoration made the place looked luxurious. Be prepare to have a pampering session when you come here for their hair services. What is even better is they have nice place for you to take photos after your treatment. Lots of opportunity for selfie and OOTD.

The staircase was everybody's favourite spot for photo taking. 

On the second level, there were many private rooms available that customers can have their treatment session in private. The room I was showing you was for single customer private room, no extra charges for using the private room. Nevertheless, it is subjected to availability. 

Thanks GF for the photo.
We were at the launch and scheduled our hair spa appointment together. 

There was one couple room available where you can have hair treatment together with your friend or loved ones. Besides that, Le Hair Spa has a smoking room for customers who want to smoke.

With GF at the grand opening, we can't wait to try out their hair services.
We will come back again soon.

Check out the list of hair services and the price Le Hair Spa is offering.
Le Hair Spa provides a variety of services for the purpose of improving beauty, personal care and relaxation through salon-standard hair treatments and experienced stylists.


GF and I were back to Le Hair Spa again to try out their Hair Spa ($50 for 60 minutes session) that consists of massage, hair wash and scalp treatment. We were given a couple room where we enjoyed the treatment in private.

The room has an elegant interior and soft lighting that makes it perfect for massage later, so the lighting will not be glaring when we lied down.

As I was wearing shorts that day, my stylist, Vera, passed me a towel for me to cover my legs. So thoughtful.

Our hair spa started off with a 30 minutes massage from back and shoulder massage to head and followed by hand. 

The chair can be adjusted to sitting and lying down position.

The massage was just what I did to help me released stress, I came straight down to Le Hair Spa after my weekend class ended. The massage was so comfortable ease the tension I had from my hectic lifestyle. I used the massage time to have a good rest too.

Feel so good after the massage, back to sitting position.

Time for hair wash, we all have the same action. 
Le Hair Spa used L’Oreal Professional shampoo. The stylist used generous amount of shampoo on out head that created a foamy head. It thoroughly cleaned our scalp that prep us for scalp treatment later on. While washing our hair, Vera also gave me a good head massage till I secretly don't want the hair wash to end. 

We then walked over to another room to rinse off the shampoo.

Back to the room for the scalp treatment after my hair was thoroughly cleaned.

The stylist then applied serum directly to the scalp. After which, the stylist massage my head to allow better absorption of the serum. The serum helped to achieve denser looking hair. 

My treatment was all done after blow drying of hair.
My hair was utterly smooth and straight after the treatment. 

Having a healthy scalp is important for healthy hair growth, it complements our overall appearance too, making us look great and confidence.

I have a good 1.5 hours hair treatment at Le Hair Spa. The hair spa treatment placed a lot of emphasis on massaging that was truly relaxing. I just ease myself and let the stylist carried out the process. The massage was really good and left the salon with clean and fresh looking hair.

Thanks Le Hair Spa for the complimentary hair spa.

To find out more about Le Hair Spa, pls visit

Le Hair Spa
87 Bukit Timah Road 
Singapore 229834
Operating hours: 10am to 11pm

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