Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Happenings in September - Weekend + Wedding Dinner + The King Louis Grill & Bar

Saturday 23/9/17

It was the first weekend after bf came back, time for weekend outing. Since we have a wedding dinner to attend in the night, we decided to head to Vivo City for lunch and a quick walk before heading back home to change.

We went Menya Musashi for lunch because I have cravings for ramen.

We ordered a ramen set that comes with a ice lemon tea and a plate of fried white fish.

I have red cha shu ramen where the broth was served in authentic taste and level of spiciness was just right for me. I enjoyed every bits of it.

We then made our way to McDonald for my favourite ice cream, I just got addicted to their McFlurry that I keep coming for back more. We tried out their limited period Chendol McFlurry at $3. It tasted flavourful with the pandan jelly and shredded coconut, a creamier version of chendol. As McDonald was having 1 for 1 Chendol McFlurry, each of us have one to ourselves but we couldn't finish it as it was too much and too gelat towards the end.

We attended Jin Sheng's wedding dinner held at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre. I wore a maxi dress to look more dressed up for the occasion, no need to worry about sitting cross leg too. I love this maxi dress as it looked elegant and I see myself wearing it out again. 

It's been awhile since I last doll up for occasion. Everything was done except my hair because I am running short of time to style my hair. But I still look okay right?

Crabmeat and fish maw in thick superior broth.

I actually prefer attending wedding lunch then wedding dinner because wedding dinner tend to drag and took a longer time in serving the dishes.
It was a long quiet night that leave lots of pondering.

Sunday 24/9/17

We went to Vivo City for dinner after settling our issues. We chanced upon Central Hong Kong Cafe while walking around and decided to try it as we have never tried before and also to reminisce our time in Hong Kong. 

I felt so sad, I accidentally deleted the photo of the food I ate that day except for the dessert, so I have lesser photos to show you guys. 

We have Mango Pomelo ($4++) for dessert. It was a delectable indulgence and one of the nicest mango pomelo I have tried.

Tuesday 26/9/17

Today was a special occasion so we decided to have a good meal together. Things did not turn out as positive as we wish it to be. What we thought was a good meal turn out to be my worse meal ever. A lonely and wore out feeling.

We have our dinner at The King Louis Grill & Bar, a place that provides us a good view of Sentosa. The restaurant was very chilling and quiet, just like our moods.

The King Louis Grill & Bar is having a 2 for 1 main course promotion. We ordered carbonara and fish n chips, and select curly fries as our free course. The carbonara was not to my liking as I feel gelat after a few mouthful. 

The curly fries on the other hand, tasted delicious. It was crispy and flavourful. The portion given was generous.

There's always sunshine after the storm.

Wednesday 27/9/17

I guessed I ate too heaty food lately, my cough didn't seem to be healing so I went to see a doctor to get the medicine.

After seeing the doctor, we went to the coffeeshop below the clinic and have roti prata for dinner. I have one plain and one egg prata. The prata was nice and doughy. I will come back for the prata again.

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