Friday, July 14, 2017

Happenings in July - Dolce Tokyo + Bugis

Friday 7/7/17

Welcoming the first Friday of July, I am getting excited because I will be flying off to Hong Kong in one week time. 8 more days to my next getaway. Before my trip, I am back again for with some sharing of my happenings in July.

We have our lunch over at Dolce Tokyo @ Bugis Junction level 3. Dolce Tokyo is a fusion cafe of Japanese and Italian cuisine.

I tried their curry rice. Everything was great except their serving was very slow for mine. My kakis were half way finishing with the food while mine just arrived. The waiting was so long, I have to check on my order a couple of times before my food arrived.

I have a cup of tea after the meal to wash away the greasiness of the curry rice.

In the evening, I went back to school to pick up my new semester textbooks. My bag was super heavy, I have 3 textbooks for my 3 modules next semester. 

After the collection, we went Clementi Market & Food Centre for dinner and I have a bowl of ba chor mee. I didn't manage to finish all because it was too spicy to my liking.

Bf ordered fried oyster omelette for sharing. 
Hokkien mee and fried oyster omelette is like a must order everytime he went to hawker centre.

Saturday 8/7/17

Today we decided to hang around at Bugis area and did some preparation for our trip. After settling our stuff, we just lazed around at Bugis. Running out of places to walk, we went to find a place to rest our feet and talked about some of our issues.

Bf suggested to go Fish & Co for their dessert, I picked on hot chocolate fudge cake with ice cream. Ice cream is always on my list of pick. Take some of the hot and cold dessert and ate it together, this combination tasted yummy.

Just like us, we saw the rainbow after the rain.

I have cravings for fries so I wanted to eat Long John Silver for dinner. They served the nicest fries I ever have. So addictive, I enjoyed eating until the last strand of fries.

On our way back, we met CY and have a short chat while on our way home.

Thursday 13/7/17

Today's lunch was at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. We love dining at Coffee Bean is because they served all day breakfast. I am not really someone who will wake up early for breakfast so the all day breakfast menu allows me to try their extensive breakfast set.

Their breakfast set comes with a cup of coffee or tea. I opt for a cup of green tea.

I ordered my all time favourite - Brek O' Day that comes with salad, scramble eggs, sausages and sourdough. The bread was well toasted and tasted delicious when spread with butter. My ideal type of breakfast I wish I have everyday.

Friday 14/7/17

Down to my last waiting day before my holiday begins. Vacation is coming nearer and nearer. I kept glancing at my watch and counting down to the time where we will meet up with one another.

Lunch was at Yayoi @ Liang Court. I have oyako jyu which is chicken with scrambled egg on rice at $12.50++.

In the night, I met up wtih GF for dinner at KFC @ Cineleisure. She was sharing with me on the places of interest to visit in Hong Kong. We have an enjoyable catch up over the meal. We didn't stay long and parted at nearly 9pm because I need to head home and pack my luggage which I haven't done so.

Travel post will be coming up next.

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