Saturday, February 24, 2018

Happenings in February - Texas Chicken + Chingay Parade 2018

Friday 23/2/18

Oh yes, weekend is coming. I always look forward to Friday because it symbolizes the start of our weekend.

Ivy got us Hokkaido Cheese Toast from VivoCity. 
It has stretchable cheese within the toast, we have fun trying to see who can pull the longest cheese when bite into the crunchy toast. Thanks Ivy for buying us the toast.

I went to VivoCity in the evening to meet bf for dinner.
We have Texas Chicken for dinner, bf loves their 2 piece chicken the best.

While I opt for their burger that comes with a crispy and juicy patty. I loved the crispy batter, it was really a huge patty that make me feel full by just eating the burger itself.

Saturday 24/2/18

Took a break from my school assignment and headed out for Chingay Parade. It was held during CNY period, showing dancing dragons, prancing lions, stilt walkers, performers of different races in their traditional costumes and many more. It was my second time watching Chingay Parade.

The parade started at 8pm and the guests began to take their seat.
This year's theme was 'Cultural Funtasy' which highlighted our rich multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan cultures. 

The parade kickstarted with the cultural and dragon dance troupe coming in together with the fanciful vehicles with our Guest of Honour boarded. The Guest of Honour was none other than our president, Madam Halimah Yacob and her husband.

It was a night of dazzling extravaganza of colours and performances showing cultural diversity.
It showcased performances of different cultures of Singapore and the world. Through Chingay, there are no barriers among us, we celebrated the occasion together as one.

Bf's first time watching Chingay Parade.

This year's Chingay Parade also featured the longest dragon dance ever. 

The last performing group.

Being seated at the top second row, I was treated to a magnificent firework performance. It was so beautiful and stunning.

Thanks GF for giving us the tickets for the show.

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