Saturday, April 14, 2018

Food Review: Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo at Bishan

Journey to the North.

I met up with my blogger friends (GF, Claressa and CK) for a flavoursome lunch at Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo, which is located at S-11 Bishan 504 Food Court. The food court is very accessible, it is just 5 minutes walk away from Bishan MRT.

Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo is a newly opened stall in S-11 Bishan 504 Food Court. They are opened from 9.30am till 9.30pm daily. 
We were there during lunch hours and Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo has garnered the most queue among all the stalls and people just keep coming. This really makes me want to try out their Yong Tau Foo. We went to join the queue when it was less crowded.

First up was to choose our choice of ingredients.
The minimum number of ingredients we are required to choose is 5 pieces + noodles/rice at a cost of $3.60. 
Any additional ingredients added will be $0.60 per piece.

The lady boss has shared with us that the food items are freshly prepared every morning to cater for daily consumption.

Here are my selection of ingredients, one of the must try is their meat ball, highly recommended by the lady boss.

After finish choosing the ingredients, next will be to choose the noodles/rice and the soup base.
For noodle, I opt for yi mian. It is quite rare that yi mian is offered for Yong Tau Foo, hence I immediately went for it when I know they offered yi mian. 

For soup base, one can go for
- Dry/soup
- Curry laksa
- Ma la

Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo has also personalized their bowls, trays and utensils with their logo, it made us feel very homely and connected. It gave us a feel of having comfort food at home.

My Yong Tau Foo was finally here. The bowl of Yong Tau Foo came in a big bowl and looked so inviting, I can't wait to sink my teeth into it.

The taste of the broth definitely contribute to the essence of a bowl of good Yong Tau Foo. The Curry Laksa broth gave a good punch upon the first sip. It was so delicious and contained robust flavours. The noodle and the ingredients were soon infused with the broth, giving us an explosion of  fiery taste with another mouthful. Do not worry, the spiciness is still within our limit.

A delicious and satisfying lunch needs not be an expensive meal. A meal within $5 can achieve the same outcome. Thanks Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo for having us at your stall.

If you happen to be Bishan, do drop by Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo to try out their Yong Tau Foo.

For more information, please visit their Facebook Page.

Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo
504 bishan street 11 #01-04
Singapore 570504
Operating hours: 9.30am to 9.30pm daily

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