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Johor Bahru 2D1N: Canton I + Baguss City Hotel + Nyonya Leaf

Saturday 16/12/17

Yes, staycation was finally here again. It was with a different partner this time round.
Being friends with Linda for 6 years, we have never went for a getaway trip together before. Hence, we decided to organize a girls' 2D1N trip to Johor Bahru (JB) for a short getaway. GF was supposed to join us but she couldn't it last minute, so both of us carry on with the trip.

We met up at 11am at Kranji MRT and was shocked by the horrendous queue forming at the bus stop, but luckily the queue was moving fast. We caught the longest jam I ever encountered at JB checkpoint which took 2.5 hours to clear due to multiple lines forming for clearance. They should really build a barrier at each clearance to avoid such situation from happening. After hours of waiting, we finally cleared JB checkpoint at about 3.30pm.

Along our way to City Square, I went over to money changer to change my currency. The exchange rate was S$1: RM3.015

We were famished by the time we reached City Square. The first thing we did was going for our late lunch. Linda suggested Canton I as she has cravings for their radish cake. We ordered the below dishes for sharing.

First up was Shrimp Rice Roll (Chee Cheong Fun). The texture was soft and together with the soy sauce drizzle, it tasted heavenly delicious.

First time trying their Radish Cake, this dish was highly recommended by Linda.
It was really nice and unlike the usual carrot cake we always have in Singapore.

We also ordered Siew Mai, Fried Wanton and Egg Tart.
The crust was not too soft and the custard was light. 

Our lunch bill totaled up to RM63.25. Now with our stomach filled, we have energy to walk around before checking in to our hotel. So coincidence, I met my cousin and cousin-in-law when I came out of Canton I. Kelvin and Peina were there for staycation too, just that they came in yesterday. What are the odds of meeting people at JB?

After half an hour of walking, our feet were tired and the rain has stopped. We made our way to the hotel which is just 5 minutes walk away from City Square. 

We were staying at Baguss City Hotel. We selected this 3 stars hotel because it was valuable for money and excellent location to shopping malls. 
Do note that there will be a hotel tax of RM10 collected on the spot when staying in hotels at Malaysia.

A glimpse to our deluxe twin room. Though the room was small, it was decent and clean. Cleanliness is an important criteria for me when choosing hotel. My bed was the one nearest to the window. We paid $48.01 for the room.

We dropped our belongings on the table. It was 5pm, the tired us decided to laze in hotel. It feel so good to be in hotel till we don't feel like getting up.

The view from our hotel room, we were staying at 10th floor. From our room, we could see JB Checkpoint. That's how near our hotel is from the Checkpoint.

We just nua in the hotel enjoying our girls talk and deciding our plans for tonight. We intended to catch a late night movie later on.

We left the hotel at about 6pm to begin another round of shopping. Since we have a late lunch, we didn't went for dinner so early. We started to settle for dinner at 7.40pm.

We tried out Oleg by gCafe for the first time. Oleg is a trendy cafe that serves Waffle burgers, Charcoal burgers, Curry Rice, Coffee, Tea and Dessert.

Both of us tried different food. I have Crispy Chicken Curry Rice Set (RM14.75) while Linda has Soft Shell Crab Charcoal Burger Set.

Though the curry gravy for my rice set may seem little, I could taste the spiciness in each bite, the spiciness level was no joke. Lucky I have a cup of Ice Lemon Tea with me. Next time round, I want to try the Soft Shell Crab Burger.

We lazed around in the cafe until 9.15pm, chit chatting away. It was like so long since we last spent such long hours together. We usually just met up for dinner which is just around 2 hours.

After some last minute shopping, we went over to MM Cineplex to catch our movie which started at 10.05pm.

We watched Ferdinand, a movie by 20th Century Fox.

Running time: 1 hour 48 minutes

"Ferdinand" is the story of a giant bull with a big heart. After a series of incidents and being mistaken for a dangerous beast, he is captured and brought back to his birth place Determined to return back to his family, he rallies a misfit team on the ultimate adventure and proves that we can't judge a bull by its cover. 

It was a very touching movie and I teared watching it.
It brings out the message of showing kindness, fostering friendship and saying no to violence.

While watching the show, I was actually quite disturbed by the incident happening around me. We were seated at the right hand corner of the theatre where they were 5 seats. I was seated at the second  seat (nearer to the walkway) while Linda was at the third. Halfway watching the movie, I saw a middle age man sitting at the walkway step. He was quite near to me, in between us was an empty seat beside me. I just find him weird, why did he sit down on the floor instead of seat?
I didn't bothered much about him until I saw him lie down and sleep on the floor, I bent in front to make sure that his legs were not anywhere near me. I told Linda that this man was weird, she told me not to be too bothered.

I couldn't help but stole glance at him once in awhile as he kept fidgeting around. I witnessed something shocking, he went on to take off his jean and continued lying down. My goodness, I have the urge to film this weird man but was also afraid that he was actually awake and know what I'm doing. I alerted Linda again and she told me the same thing too.

He was sleeping all the way even until end of the movie. We have to walk past him in order to get out of the theatre. He didn't had his underwear on. What a unique movie experience in JB.

It was already 12am when we came out, we were so glad that my hotel was so near to the mall because it is dangerous for 2 girls to wander out so late in a foreign country. While on our way back, I tried to be alert on the surrounding and people looking at us. Thank goodness it was just a short distance. 

I went back hotel with purchase from Padini (for bf), Watson and beauty products at RM63.50. Day 1 has ended for us, we went to sleep at around 2 plus in the morning. We put on mask, talked about the movie incident and watching channel 8 show.

Sunday 17/12/17

Good morning, we woke up early at 8am to prepare ourselves for breakfast. Our hotel stay is inclusive of breakfast. It took us awhile to wake up as the aircon temperature was nice to sleep in.

I was the first to get myself prepared, now was Linda's turn. 
I got myself a temporary tattoo the night before our trip, how does it look?

My OOTD, my lazt day outfit. I always love matching a long top with shorts.

Girls stay out was great, we shared enjoyable time together and having our girls chat. I'm glad that Linda enjoyed this trip and even wanting more staycation together. 

Our stay came with free breakfast. We went down to the lobby for breakfast at 9am. It was a pretty small dining area and the spread of choices were limited too.

The breakfast spread was not really fantastic and the taste wasn't that great either. But no complain since it was a complimentary breakfast. 

The most delicious food was this plain bread with the spicy gravy.

After a quick half an hour breakfast, we went up to our room again to rest and pack up our stuffs.

A short weekend getaway to JB has always been great relief to our busy schedules, making us stay away from all our mobile and computer gadgets, and the fast paced life in Singapore. It was also a great catch up for us where we spent hours chatting in our hotel room these 2 days.

We checked out the hotel at 11 plus and headed back to City Square for lunch.

We went Nyonya Leaf for our lunch. 
Our 2 days trip was revolving all around food. JB is indeed a great makan place, which is why I enjoy coming here for food despite the jam.

We ordered quite a lots of food for 2 pax - 1 side, 1 main and 1 dessert each.
The savoury lunch with whole table full of food immediately lifted up our mood and can't wait to sink our teeth in it. Total bill was RM46.60, we had a full and satisfying lunch. This was my favourite meal among the entire trip.

I ordered Curry Chicken with Fried Rice.
The curry has a thick texture and definitely spicy, but not too overwhelming to the extend that my limit could take. I'm so glad I have chendol with me to ease my throat.

A refreshing Chendol to end off my meal. Mix the red beans and chendol strips well before eating. I love the sweetness of the Chendol.

Goodbye City Square, I will be back soon again.
We left JB at about 3pm after I purchased RM30 worth of snacks.

2D1N trip just passed so fast, it was a very happening trip for us. Definitely a trip with lots of good food. Look forward to another overseas trip next month. 

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