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SHINE Youth Festival Launch

Hello guys, I’m back from the launch of SHINE Youth Festival and I have brought back lots of photos and memories to share today.

Still remember I attended the National Youth Council media conference 2 weeks ago which highlight to us about what SHINE youth festival is all about, view here for the post.

I’m so happy to be invited again to their actual launch of the festival which is a blast. It is indeed an explosive celebration with the youths! ♥

This event is organised by the National Youth Council for youths to celebrate and showcase youth talent and SHINE 2011 will continue to be the platform for youths to turn their dreams into action.

Lots of programmes and activities have been line-up for us from 2pm all the way to 10pm. A straight 8 hours of fun-filled activities rocked my Saturday:

Meet up with Peishi and Joey, and embarked on our first stop, Flea Market. Checking out the cheap trill and sales that was going on. Got myself a necklace at only $2!

SHINE Youth Festival will take place throughout the month of July. Don’t worry if you miss out today’s event, there is still a rich line-up of activities presented by SHINE 2011′s five marquee and other partners all the way till 30 July 2011.

Other than Flea Market, there are also workshops conducted:

DJ Koflow: Turntablism Workshop

Lets learn from the music maker the art of creating sounds and music: Beat Matching and Mixing, also includes the various Turntablism techniques, such as Scratching and Beat Juggling.
This is an excellent platform for youths to pick up new skills through the workshops.

What was everyone gathering at the Playspace for?

Because Pillow Fight Competition was starting soon.
Pillow fight, a familiar game I used to play when I was young. When I saw this programme, I thought it will be like some wrestling game, standing on the ground, knocking one another with pillow until cottons were filled all over the place.

But it turned out to be totally different from my imagination.
Contestants will have to balance themselves on the pole above. After which, they will start attacking each other with pillow until one party is being hit down.
A pretty challenging but fun game.

Actually the idea behind all these activities is to remind us to snap out of our dream and turn them into action.

Panasonic was offering free photo printout, just pop by their hut and get our photo shoot (:
Also happening at Playspace, we had Once Upon a Milkshake: Eating Comeptition.
1st Prize: $50 cash and $50 worth of vouchers from Once Upon a Milkshake
2nd Prize: $25 cash and $25 worth of vouchers from Once Upon a Milkshake
3rd Prize: $15 cash and $15 worth of vouchers from Once Upon a Milkshake

As seen from the name, the challenge was to finish up the cup of ice-cream and the fastest will get to proceed to the final round.

What beats a cup of ice-cream on a hot sunny Saturday.

Upon finishing the cup, they had to shout out the theme for Youth Festival 2011: “Enough talk, Just do.”

At 5pm, we went to the registration counter to get out media pass and also to attend the briefing.

With Joey (:

Caught a glimpse of National Percussion Competition which was right beside us.
The boys had demonstrated their energy and passion by showcasing their performance. Keep it up (:

Before I went any further, a camwhoring picture of me with my media pass ♥

With Peishi
After which, we made our way to catch Cosmo Youth Parade: Cosplay I Luv!
A colourful and vibrant mascot parade which saw over 1,000 youtths livening up the streets from Ocrhard Central to *SCAPE.

Bloco Singapura, the first to parade past.
Singapore’s most spanking social, cultural and musical collective that spreads their love of swinging samba and throbbing batucada beats to everyone who crosses their path.
Bloco Singapura is all set to explode the whole atmosphere.

Lion dance troupe greeting us next.
A tradition in our Chinese culture which we often seen during celebrations;
Different characters from Gaming, Animation, Manga, TV and movie roaming the street:

Is that Kungfu Panda waving at me? Aaww, they were so cute ♥

Dragon dance.
It’s been so long since I last saw dragon dance troupe. An impressive performance which requires a strong teamwork due to the complex moves. It came really close to me at a point of time where the body of the dragon touched me.

And the first superhero we caught is spiderman in his stunning position.

Spiderman and I.
“Don’t play play or I stun you with my spider web”

With Joker (:

Spiderman and Wonder woman posing together.

With the Armed Forces. Argh, I felt so protected being surrounded by them.

Spotted Mr Yam Ah Mee, CEO of People Association. The returning officer for General Election 2011.
He is also the Guest of Honour for the SHINE Youth Festival. He is really a nice and friendly man who smile at us throughout the whole time.
Have you ever wonder how will it be like when superhero reunite?
Well, this is it:

All showing their stuning look to impress the audience.
Transformer Bumblebee at the Kit Kat zone.

Chance upon Christina who is representing Panasonic.

We even have friend who travel all the way to SCAPE from Three Kingdom, Guan Yu. History has come alive!

There’s a lot of pretty girls in this city. There’s a lot of pretty girls in this town. I just met 2 besides me (:
Right after the Cosmo parade, it’s time for a star-studded night concert.

See how SCAPE had transformed into a multi-decked concept party.

The first performance by Bloco Singapura. Their energy, rhythms and swing kicked start the concert.

Guest-of-Honour Mr Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State for the Ministry of Trade and Industry, together with Mr Yam Ah Mee and the organising committee declared the launched of SHINE 2011.

SHINE Youth Festival is into its seventh run. With its tremendous growth throughout the years, the organising committee is pleased to present a bigger and bolder SHINE 2011.
Next up was performance by Juz B:

It used to be an all-Malay acapella group. But recently, they had a new Chinese member, Ryan. So Funny, they gave him a nickname, Mohammad Ryan. Lol.

Earlier on, Ryan had conducted a beatboxing workshop where participants can learn how to execute the basic drum sound and put them into a rhythm. It’s really a great first hand exposure to beatboxing for beginner where we learnt about the different genres of music and matching it with the different basic drum sound.

The Roses brought us their sing and dance performance: "Survivor".
The 4 pretty girls are made up of 3 sisters and one of their friend.

New friends that I made today: Kaiyi, Angie and Sheron - the Kit Kat bloggers (:

Juz B’s acapella performance was really impressive. For your information, acapella means vocal music, there is no background music. Not only that, they also sing Mandarin songs: Qing Fei De Yi 情非得已 by Harlem Yu.

Tay Kewei is next.

Kewei has come a long way since her days singing backing vocals for concert tours, for artistes such as David Tao, Wang Leehom, Amei, and JJ Lin, and PK experiences on “超級星光大道”and “超级偶像”.
Her debut tri-lingual album which was launched last year is a soothing collection of covers and originals, that hopes you could come a little closer, and get to know her a little better.

Next up: Jack and Rai bringing us their Rock N’ Roll songs!!!
I loved their last ending song: Price Tag by Jessie J.
The band was formed in 2002, 9 years of teamwork, which explain why they have such a good chemistry.
Okay, and here’s what all the audience had been waiting for:

The arrival of Derrick Hoh.

An idol singer which emerged male 2nd runner-up in the 2005 talent competition Project Superstar.

Omg, I am standing at such a close distance to him. We were directly in front of the stage.

Argh, can't take my eyes off him. He is just standing right in front of me.

That was how close we are. And also the only picture with him.

A sing and dance performance, 當我知道你們相愛. That’s my favourite song of Derrick.
Derrick expressed, “I wrote this song because Aaron Kwok was the reason why I dreamed about becoming a singer. Every time I listened to his songs, I would always tell myself that I must become a top performer like him!”
You have made it.

We had come to a near end of the concert. We had one last performance by all the artistes: “Home”
We had come to a near end of the concert. We had one last performance by all the artistes: “Home”

It is a meaningful song. Home is not only where the heart is but also a place which allows us to pursue our dreams.

It is a meaningful song. Home is not only where the heart is but also a place which allows us to pursue our dreams.
*credits to Sheron for this photo (;

After the eight-hour straight celebration, it's time to have a break, and have a good sleep.

And thanks Kit Kat organiser for giving us the Kit Kat.
It's was indeed a great day spent @ SCAPE with the bloggers and the youths. It's so good to be young (;

The event was a great success, the organising committee and volunteers had did a great job. Thanks for creating such a good memory for everyone.

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