Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hottest Nightclub - Avalon

On a Thursday night, we make our way down to check out the newest and hottest nightclub, Avalon, Marina Bay Sands.

Was feeling thrilled and looked forward to the night of fun.

With Joey and Andriani, a new friend made at the party.

Although we were smiling happily but we were actually sweating all over. Joey and I walked all the way from City Hall to Marina Bay Sands. Omg, it's a super long walk.

Had a group photo taken with my bunch of friends. Do you already find them familiar?

Woo, thanks William for the photo.

We have the opportunity to took photo with the hunks from 2(X)IST. Are you already envy???

With the usual - William, Jeremy, Hong Peng, Joey and your truly. Have been seeing them more and more often (:

Finally we are making our way in:

I was awe by the design.

Avalon packs a visual affair of state-of-the-art full color lasers, 3D mapping and high fashion interiors.
Avalon has the ability to morph into an elite concert venue, special events destination or clubbers paradise hosting world-class names in nightlife.

I'm in Avalon, so excited now.

Taking our drinks at the bar.

Chanced upon Jayley at Avalon too.

With Joey.

A peek of what's happening around.

I felt so disappointed, not because of the place. But because I have to leave early even before the whole thing start. I just start to feel comfortable with and I gonna leave. Aar, can't bear to leave.
Sad, gonna run for another appointment!

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