Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Enjoy the freshest premium Japanese beer - KIRIN

Attended the Kirin Media Party with a group of friends on a Wednesday evening at Aquanova.
Asia Pacific Breweries launches Kirin Draft in Singapore, a rich and internationally savored variant of Kirin beer in selected outlets in Singapore.

 Arriving at Aquanova.

 First visit to Aquanova.

Situated at the bustling Central Fountain Square at Clarke Quay. It is conceptualised as a one-stop lifestyle venue which provide an unparalleled experience for dining, drinking and live performances.

Have a glass of Kirin.

Do you know that Kirin is one of Japan's long standing and most-loved beers. Kirin is the only brewery that produces beer made from 100% malt via extracting the purest and most flavourful portion of the finest ingredients. The combination is what sets Kirin Ichiban apart from other beers, making up the rich, clear and refreshing taste. Beer drinkers gotta love this.
Satisfying our thrist with the unique Japanese beer, Kirin Ichiban.

Savouring our drinks together with some fingerfood = ♥
We ♥ union rings!!!
What beats having a get-togther with a group of friends?

Let's appreciate our Kirin beer experiences with loved ones this festive season. ♥

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
Photo with Alfred and HP.

Enjoying the live entertainment, I'm drown in the midst of music and relaxing chill-out atmosphere.

I'm having a great time with my spontaneous friends. Lets raise our glasses once again to the festive season with the premium taste of Japan's leading brew.
Look how happy me, Valentine, GF and William are.
Thanks Kirin and Aquanova for brightening up my Wednesday.

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