Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our long await K-BOX Session

It's Sunday again, I am as usual having my pre-monday blues. I need to something to look forward to forget the arrival of Monday.Wake up early to join my GF for a brekkie session before heading down to town to meet the others for karaoke session.

I have not been to karaoke for quite sometimes, more tha half a year I guessed. La La La~
Haven really been catching up with the latest chinese hits too. What are some of the nice songs???

Actually it is quite price valuable singing K lunch. 3 hours of singing, 1 drink and K lunch only at $15+.

So you guys love singing too? What are some of the songs you will pick during karaoke??
Here are some of the songs we sang:
DJ got us falling in love

How can we not have camwhoring session when we are in a room to ourselves:
This is the first time we are having karaoke session together and we are having a great time.
Rock up man!
With Linda, here's our long await kbox session. She has been suggesting karaoke session for a long time.
With GF. We shared the good times and be there for each other during the bad times.
We have so much fun and laughter taking all the camwhoring shots. Every photo makes us burst into laughter.

Trying very hard to squeeze ourselves into the picture.
With William, the only guy today. Most of our friends went for the KL trips, only left the few of us in Singapore.

Another success shots.

A picture speaks a thousand words, but a friend worths even more.
Therefore, I cherished my time spent with friends.

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