Friday, January 20, 2012

Ten Dollar Club KTV Session

I have a tiring but fun day. It's time for the long weekend ahead and welcome chinese new year.

Went over to Chinatown to meet up with clique for karaoke session after my programme at Sentosa. After going for numerous rounds of Guinness Live, our throats are itchy for some singing now. It's time to sing our heart out!

We had chicken rice and tiger beer for dinner. Lets celebrate Chinese New Year with Tiger Beer.

Tiger Beer celebrates Togetherness and usher prosperity in a new year.
Lets first toast for prosperity and good fortune.
Second toast for an awesome year ahead.
Third toast to GF, happy birthday in advance.

Huat ar!


We found a new hang out place for singing: Ten Dollar Club @ Smith Street. 3 hours of singing at only $10++, isn't it price valuable?

We were half an hour late, so we were left with 2.5 hours. So we hurried chop chop select songs.
Terence, Shaun and William.
GF and HP.
In my simple wear that night due to the day activities at Sentosa.
With Edison. Do you find that my friend resembles Edison Chen??
We had fun taking photos while others were taking too.
With Linda, my karaoke kaki. Haven seen her since our last karaoke session.
With GF. Someone whom I can share and talk everything under the sun.
Seriously, 2.5 hours was not enough for the seven of us. We didn't managed to sing all the songs we want, I guessed our next karaoke session will be pretty soon.
Our 全家福.
I love this bunch of people. We all shared the same common vision which is:

Living life to the fullest!

Wow, Chinatown is forever so crowded during Chinese New Year. Everyone is practising late night shopping for CNY goodies.

Finally I feel the CNY atmosphere over here.

Argh, God of Wealth 财神爷 spotted!

We are all excited for the Chinese New Year, are you?

It's time to welcome a new lunar year, gona do spring cleaning and hang up red decorations.

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