Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happening in February

1/2/12 - Wednesday

Meet up with clique on the first day of February for a dinner at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh located at 11 New Bridge Road\. That's my second visit to the eatery.

I loved eating you tiao with Bak Kut Teh. I will dipped the fried dough into the soup.
No doubt that their soup and pork ribs are delicious, but I think they need to improve on their service and attitude.

After which, we have a chill out session at St James Beer Garden together with a glass of tiger beer:

Time for a tiger.
Warm ourselves up before heading in th Dragonfly.

9/2/12 - Thursday

Old school days night with GF.

We were at Lasalle College of the Arts, sitting at the long bench which resembles those benches back in my primary school time.
Hasn't go to back to school for a long long time. Missed those times. Er, don't be mistaken by that sentence. I do not miss those studying time but I missed the time that I spent with my friends in school where we had lunch together and having heart to heart talk.

15/2/12 - Wednesday

Had my first visit to Breakthrough Cafe, recommended by my colleague.
The cafe offers wide varieties of dim sum and local delights in a cozy setting environment which attracted many working it its vicinity at Upper Cross St.

One speciality of the cafe is that Breakthrough Cafe is run by ex-drug addicts who needed employment opportunities where they can further their skills and be better prepared in reintegrating into the society.

I think that this is a good concept. Don't be surprised, I seriously think that their service and attitude are way better than some other restaurants outside.
We tried their famous homemade Claypot Curry Chicken and dipped it with bread.

Chee Cheong Fun with Char Siew.
The look of it already make me drool, the taste of it is even shiok.

The Fried Dumplings are amazing. When they were being served, I was wondering the fried dumplings looked like frozen dumpling. It seems so hard unlike those I usually had which looked deep fried and oily on the surface.

A bite of it, I could feel the crispiness of the skin. So cool.

18/2/12 - Saturday

Had my high tea session together with GF at The White Rabbit, a classic European Restaurant & Bar located off the Dempsey area of Singapore.
A very quiet place to relax.

GF and I are meeting up frequently more than usual now.
I'm sorry if I neglected all my other good friends. Quick come arrange a meetup with me soon okay.

21/2/12 - Tuesday
Settled down for lunch at Jack's Place.

Soup of the day.
The soup is nice and thick, I liked it.

Having Deep Fried Dory Fillet - crispy and yet soft.

Dessert and tea at long last.

Never neglect your tummy, eat all you want and live all troubles till tomorrow.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 3 Preliminaries

Thanks F&N for the kind invitation to Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 3 Preliminaries. I have a wonderful night that day.

A little background of Singapore Dance Delight

Dance Delight started in Osaka, Japan, and has grown to become Asia’s most prestigious street dance competition. In 2010, Singapore inaugurated Singapore Dance Delight to pick its first representative to compete with the world’s best in Osaka, Japan.

Singapore Dance Delight is in its third running year now. It has ramps up the energy with 43 teams from 5 countries which includes crews from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, all competing for the chance to win the honour and of representing their country to compete in Dance Delight Vol. 19 in Osaka.

At SCAPE - Warehouse with the usual. WE love F&N, do you?
The competition has attracted a huge crowds of dance lover.

This is actually my first time attending Singapore Dance Delight but my second time attending the hip-hop dance performance.

Lets get ready to go "Wow" as over 40 dance crews from 5 countries battle it out at the preliminaries of the third instalment of Singapore Dance Delight.
The first group is ready to take the stage.
May the performance begins.

The dancers have taken their position. Ready to go.
These youths are soaking in the energy and achieving their dreams and aspirations of becoming dancers.

It makes me wonder when will I have the courage to step forward and be like them too? I wanna learn dance too.
Yet another energetic group too.

Skittles are moving so fast, it's kind of hard to capture their moves.
The crowds are cheering with all their mights.
Cool performance.
Deep Ft. is next.
Pay attention to their cheeky moves. 

The dance crews all have displayed their creativity through their eye-popping dance moves.
Latin dance.

Every little move never fail to make the crowds go high.

Performing stunts.
We have a hip hop night after seeing all the hip hop performance, very impressive.

Exploring the backstage during the short interval.
And we have a group photo with Joyce & the Boys. the two-time champion of Singapore Dance Delight.
All the best and hope you sustain your crown again.

With Jayley and Hayley at the backstage.

And here are the list of the top 20 who make it to the Final round:

1. KO-08
2. Joyce and the Boys
3. Da’ Street Soulz
4. F4C All Starz
5. Urban Myx
6. A-Team
7. Freekzy Nutz
8. The Zoo Thailand
9. Elecoldxhot
10. Urban Terrain Groovers (U.T.G)
11. Emerged Crew
13. Flipendemic Kru
14. Harlequinn
15. Fantastic Forze Crew
17. N.B.A (No Boys Allowed)
18. Deep Ft.
19. Rough Addicts
20. Team Elite

The Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 3 Final will take place on the 17 March 2012, 7pm at Kallang Theatre.
Get your ticket now at O School at the price of $15/$20.

Join Singapore Dance Delight 2012 and witness the congregation of the champion who will compete for World Title at Japan Dance Delight Vol. 19 in Osaka.

Fort Canning Photoshoot with the Trio

I have a fruitful day spent with GF and William today.
We have some really nice photoshoot done at Fort Canning Park.

Actually all along, we have been planning to go for an outdoor shoot together with several places in mind. Since today the three of us are free in the afternoon. We decided to head to Fort Canning Park for our first trio shoot.

Here are some of the awesome photos we took:

While William is setting up, I have my usual camwhoring with GF.

To match the theme of our shoot, we are all dressed in white today.

I loved the greenery of the park. At here, I felt the peace that I longed for which eased my mind from the stressful nature of our fast-paced society.

Can you feel the love <3

Welcome to Fort Canning Park.
It's a nice place worth visiting.

The trio - William, GF, and I.

Number ourselves - 3, 2, 1

Love all these pictures. We looked uniformly good in white against the background. Couldn't resist to take more pictures!!!

Lets keep our friendship going.

We have so much fun and laughter during the shoot.

Found this little platform where we try out some cool poses:

Inspired from Steven Lim and Aaron Tan - 我要打十个 

How about Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu?

So white and pure.

I was teasing them when took this picture. It seems like a family portrait - like Daddy and Mummy bringing me out for an excusion (:

Embraced by the beautiful sunset with sunlight streaming.

If you are like us, fancy for a relaxing place to visit and spend your day idyllically. Do consider coming to Fort Canning Park and visit one of Singapore's most historic landmarks.


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