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Guinness Live Finale Concert Featuring Power Station and Liu Li Yang

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone, hope you guys are having a great time.

Did you guys read my previous post on The Friendliest Day of The Year Concert‏?
Today at St. James Dragonfly, Guinness is holding the finale concert of Guinness Live together with special guests - Power Station and Liu Li Yang.

Lets come together for a night of great music.

Together with a group of friends, we made our way down to Dragonfly for the grand finale of Guinness Live concert. It marked the end of the 4 months long PK competition. Come to think of it, I really missed those times where we will head down to Guinness Live to support our friends and cheer for them.

Let us all reunite in this special day and reminisce all the good time.

Here are the photos that I took:

With GF. See what she is wearing?
All of them are given the pint hat.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

A group shot of us.

A photographer who took a picture of the 4 of us asked if we are the contestants. She made us so happy, thanks for praising that we have got the contestant look. We will consider joining next year. ♥

With Linda who is first time attending Guinness Live.

With Valentine whom I have not met for quite some times.

Finally a picture with Jason. Mentor for team Dragonfly and the host for the concert. He is very humourous, never failed to make the audience laughed. This is why I loved going to Dragonfly.

Do you think that our attire today is matching?

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with the perfect combination of oysters quartet and Guinness Stout.

With Steven. Thanks for all the stout and daught (:

With our little brother, Terence.

With HP. Wooh, seriously everyone is in black today.

Still not full just having oysters, we ordered some finger foods to share.

The power-packed concert kickstart with the individual performance by the 12 Guinness Live artistes.

Team Dragonfly:

Our friend, Yong Wei, is the first to go.

Next up, is

Team Shanghai Dolly:

Last but not least, the winning team

Team Firefly:

Heard so many familiar songs that night. Actually I have seen before all the performance of the 12 contestants, each and everyone of them is awesome!

Not forgetting Queen Band, who is also playing a part in Guinness Live during this 4 months.

Next up is Eric Ng, Music Director of Guinness Live and Producer & Founder, Funkie Monkies Productions, who gives us a speech:

All the Guinness Live participants have come a long way.

Liu Li Yang got her big break after a very similar experience of winning a competition and Power Station has risen to fame as a top notch live act since their beginnings in Taiwan's tough pub scene.

He hopes that with the participation of Power Station and Liu Li Yang in Guinness Live's finale concert, it will boost participants' morale, proving to all the 12 aspiring artistes that with their continued hard work and dedication, one day they can be international superstars themselves.

And the winning team, team Firefly, perform their brand new, yet-to-be-released single with Eric Ng. A great start to enter the competitive Chinese live performing industry.

All right, now is the time where everybody is waiting for:
The international superstar's performance

Liu Li Yang

She brought us 2 of her latest songs - 天后and 旅途.

I love the song , it's so nice!! Go listen when you are free okay?

我嫉妒你的爱 气势如虹

Her singing is great, 很有味道 and her dressing is cool - very 帅气.

A group of Liu Li Yang's fans came down just to support her.

Her charismatic character and soulful vocal had won the heart of many audience out there.

At last, is 动力火车 performance.

This part was funny. Jason was about to introduce the next performance, he said:
我不是动力火车, 我是动力buay tiao.

Lol. Omg, Jason is really humourous.

Power Station 动力火车

Finally, we have them back in Singapore. The Taiwanese rock band is here to rock Dragonfly with their electrifying rock songs.

The duo pair was already popular backs in the 1990's. They were well-known for their very long hair. Surpisingly, Zhi Lin still maintain it well.
I have a deep impression of them. They have won Best Theme Song Award (Chu Lu) from Singapore’s Mediacorp Star Awards. That's my favourite song of them. But sadly, they didn't sing it tonight.

Team Firefly also get the opportunity to perform on stage with 动力火车.

Alfred and Si Ling, together with Power Station presenting: 忠孝东路走九遍

 哦~ 忠孝东路走九遍
我从日走到夜 心从灰跳到黑

I like this particular song by them, the song is very pleasant. If one day I visit Taipei, I must go down to visit 忠孝东路.

Catch up with Meiting, nice seeing her again ♥

Went in to the crowds to find my friends.

A photo with Alfred, Willis and Yong Wei. Can we form the next team for Guinness Live? Lol.

With pretty Regine. Have not catch up with her during the last round of Guinness Live.

It's really so nice seeing everyone again.

Once again, congratulations to all the 12 contestants. You guys have made it through, each and everyone is already a winner. Keep up the good work, you are just one step towards your dream.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

I have a awesome night watching the great music performance and also the opportunity to catch the well known superstar.

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