Saturday, February 25, 2012

Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 3 Preliminaries

Thanks F&N for the kind invitation to Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 3 Preliminaries. I have a wonderful night that day.

A little background of Singapore Dance Delight

Dance Delight started in Osaka, Japan, and has grown to become Asia’s most prestigious street dance competition. In 2010, Singapore inaugurated Singapore Dance Delight to pick its first representative to compete with the world’s best in Osaka, Japan.

Singapore Dance Delight is in its third running year now. It has ramps up the energy with 43 teams from 5 countries which includes crews from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, all competing for the chance to win the honour and of representing their country to compete in Dance Delight Vol. 19 in Osaka.

At SCAPE - Warehouse with the usual. WE love F&N, do you?
The competition has attracted a huge crowds of dance lover.

This is actually my first time attending Singapore Dance Delight but my second time attending the hip-hop dance performance.

Lets get ready to go "Wow" as over 40 dance crews from 5 countries battle it out at the preliminaries of the third instalment of Singapore Dance Delight.
The first group is ready to take the stage.
May the performance begins.

The dancers have taken their position. Ready to go.
These youths are soaking in the energy and achieving their dreams and aspirations of becoming dancers.

It makes me wonder when will I have the courage to step forward and be like them too? I wanna learn dance too.
Yet another energetic group too.

Skittles are moving so fast, it's kind of hard to capture their moves.
The crowds are cheering with all their mights.
Cool performance.
Deep Ft. is next.
Pay attention to their cheeky moves. 

The dance crews all have displayed their creativity through their eye-popping dance moves.
Latin dance.

Every little move never fail to make the crowds go high.

Performing stunts.
We have a hip hop night after seeing all the hip hop performance, very impressive.

Exploring the backstage during the short interval.
And we have a group photo with Joyce & the Boys. the two-time champion of Singapore Dance Delight.
All the best and hope you sustain your crown again.

With Jayley and Hayley at the backstage.

And here are the list of the top 20 who make it to the Final round:

1. KO-08
2. Joyce and the Boys
3. Da’ Street Soulz
4. F4C All Starz
5. Urban Myx
6. A-Team
7. Freekzy Nutz
8. The Zoo Thailand
9. Elecoldxhot
10. Urban Terrain Groovers (U.T.G)
11. Emerged Crew
13. Flipendemic Kru
14. Harlequinn
15. Fantastic Forze Crew
17. N.B.A (No Boys Allowed)
18. Deep Ft.
19. Rough Addicts
20. Team Elite

The Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 3 Final will take place on the 17 March 2012, 7pm at Kallang Theatre.
Get your ticket now at O School at the price of $15/$20.

Join Singapore Dance Delight 2012 and witness the congregation of the champion who will compete for World Title at Japan Dance Delight Vol. 19 in Osaka.

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