Monday, September 24, 2012

Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge

The long waiting ultimate Singapore F1 party was back in town after a year:

Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge

It was formerly known as Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party. Check out my Jet Black party last year

This weekend was all about Formula One (F1). I was at the race circuit last night watching the car racing and concert. So tonight, I'm gonna join in the fun at Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge Party.

I'm so excited for the party.

This year, Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge party was held at the Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay.
Do you know that this was actually my first visit to Garden by the Bay. Took a photo at the Supertree Grove.

These Supertree have large canopies that provide shade in the day and come alive with a exhilarating display of light and sound at night.

GF and I were in our chic black outfit.
We loved our lanyard. The lanyard will be our identification pass, which allows us to walk freely as well as to take photo at the photobooth where they will be automatically updated in our facebook. 
Cool right?

Indulging in Asian-inspired Johnnie Walker cocktails.
GF got Yuzu cocktails while I had Coconut & Pandan syrup cocktails.
Cheers to Johnnie Walker.

Trying out the photobooth.
TZ always loved to photobomb. See, this picture was the evidence. I think I picked up the bad habit from him. I also start to photobomb in others' photo.

A group photo with my clique.
We formed the human pyramid to fit the six of us into the photo.

Another photo with the racer.

Light canapes were being served during the party. With food and drink, you can keep the night going without  being easily drunk.

Thanks William for the pictures.
I enjoyed the night with the party goers.

Check out how big our group was.
A great night with the awesome group.
Say Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Life is a party.

Typical us.
We simply loved to camwhore.

See what's happening behind us. TZ tried to photobomb again. Lol.

With TZ. Finally he was not hiding behind anymore.

With Andrew, enjoying the music.

Headed outside for some fresh air and to take a look at the scenary.

Super love this photo of us.
Keep our friendship going.

Party-goers were treated to an entertainment line-up consisting of US-based DJs Clinton Sparks and Disco Fries as well as DJ Ray Ray from Taiwan and Dave Does from Sydney.

The guys enjoyed taking pictures too.
"Come, say cheese."

Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time.

Hate that it's a Monday tomorrow. I wish to stay on at the party.

What beats going to a party in a big group. 
Johnnie Walker party is always a blast, it never fail to bring so much fun to us.

Johnnie Walker, see you again next year.
Keep Walking.

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