Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ah Boys to Men Movie Review + Gathering with Clique

I had a fruitful Saturday with my clique. Met up with them in the afternoon at Singapore Flyer to experience Singapore 6D motion ride at XD Theater @ Singapore Flyer.

We had been planning to take this ride for a long time. Finally we had found a date when everybody was free from our commitments.

About the ride: The ride was cool. We were sitting on a visual roller coaster and the seat would toss along with the roller coaster track. For people who are scared of taking roller coaster, you can give this a try. It's really no kick at all. The duration of the ride is less than 10 minutes. Personally, I find that the ride is too short. I wish for longer ride, haha.

After the ride, we walked down to Marina Square to catch the movie:

Ah Boys To Men.

The hot local production in town where everybody is watching. We were so lucky to purchase the tickets 20 minutes before the show started. 

Movie Synopsis:

In commemoration of Singapores 45th year of National Service, renowned homegrown director Jack Neo returns with a S$3million production Ah Boys To Men. The movie stars local veteran actor Richard Low, well-known actress/comedienne Irene Ang, celebrated musician Roy Li and actors Wang Lei and Jacky. On top of these familiar faces, Jack Neo also introduces fresh faces to the cast lineup, including famous bloggers Mr Brown, Qiu QIu and Tosh. In conjunction with the NS45 campaign From Fathers To Sons, the movie shares how youngsters now step out of their comfort zone and learn the importance of protecting their country. Ah Boys To Men is sure to bring back memories for Singaporean men who have previously served National Service and at the same time, interest young boys who have yet to join the army.

Qiu Ting (Qiu Qiu) was one of the casts in the movie. A picture of us one year ago.

Movie Trailer.

Director: Jack Neo 
Genre: Drama/ Comedy 
Running Time: 113 minutes
Rating: PG13

The movie started off with an unknown aircraft and enemies invading Singapore. It showed the devastating war scenes and how our beautiful city can be destroy in just a mere minute. Our army has to be on constant vigilance to deter any challenges ahead. 

Finally a movie on the life of an NS men. We have a glimpse to how our army boys were being trained. We were being exposed to all kinds of soldiers - the "chao keng" bing, smart alec, sarcastic platoon sergeant and etc.

It brought back the memories of my uniform group life. We too, experienced the tekan sessions by our sir and mdm - push-up (the most common one), run and touch the tree, changing of uniform in 3 minutes. (Full Uniform to Half Uniform/Quarter Uniform/PT Kit)

Those days, we had sweats, we had fear, we had unhappiness, we had joy and fun. The bonds with my squadmates grew stronger as the day goes by. One person at fault, everyone got punished together.  We worked together as a team. Another thing that I gained was the sense of achievement. I never imagine that I was actually one of highest rank among our squad, the efforts I put in really paid off. I had changed from someone who dread training till looking forward to training. 

Till today, the thought of joining SAF/SPF is still in my head. Any uniform group want to recruit me?

Share with you one of Jack Neo's composed Singapore 70's hokkien soldier song. So true and funny.

Jack Neo's movie is something that I had never missed. His movies are always hilarious and heart warming. His hokkien dialect jokes never failed to make the audience laugh out loud.

I think I dislike is that the ending is quite abrupt. Later then I found out that there is a part 2 coming up in February 2013. Just in time for Chinese New Year. I will definitely go for it because I really enjoyed the movie for part 1.

Ah Boys to Men tells a story that will touch the heart of every Singaporeans. It is not merely just a laugh but to remind us that our independence did not come by easy. So love our land and never take it for granted. 

Does it sounds like I'm giving a history/social studies lesson?

Lol. Did I mention before that Social Studies was one of my favourite subjects. I loved listening to stories (:

Ah Boys to Men movie theme song to end off my movie review:

"Recruit Anthem"

US has Party Rock Anthem. 
Singapre, we have Recruit Anthem.


Thanks William for the photo taken.
From left to right: William, Andrew, Jasmine, GF Jess, Terence and your truly.

A stress-free day with friends is what I am looking forward to everyday. Joking, I mean every weekend. haha..

With my 2 besties. Thanks William for the vibrant photo.

Christmas is slowly approaching, which means our next public holiday is approaching. Yeah, holiday is what everybody is looking forward to. 

Holiday, I need you badly!


  1. Out of 10 points, how many points will you give to this movie?

  2. Hi Luporti, I will give it 8 points. I like the storyline, is the movie running in your country?

    1. 8 points ya. Seems nice.

      If not mistaken, my country doesn't has this movie, unfortunately. Or perhaps it hasn't on screen yet.



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