Friday, July 26, 2013

The Launch of Magnum Pink & Black and Opening of Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store

Magnum brings the ultimate indulgent pleasure to Singapore once again.

To share the love with the discerning pleasure seekers in Singapore, Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store at Clarke Quay's Central Fountain was officially opened on 27 July 2013.  The opening also coincided with the launch of the new Magnum Pink and Magnum Black.

My weekend kickstart with the black and pink themed launch party.
The party-goers can simply live tweets & instagram updates with #magnumsg #makeitpink #makeitblack and your tweets would appear on the screen on stage.

Upon entering, GF and I took a photo at the photobooth  with our Magnum ice-cream. 
We can't wait to try it.

Another camwhoring photo of us.

Finally, the new Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store has hit Singapore after a massive hit across the globe.
The key and central element to all Magnum Pleasure Store is the experience of designing one's very own Magnum.

Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store also serves up exquisite Magnum desserts and cocktails long into the night.

The chef had perform a live demonstration of 3 Magnum desserts for all the guests. 
Wow, we were the lucky ones who was among the first to try the desserts.

First up was The Carla Bruni ($14.00)
Warm upside-down caramelised apple tart, apple sauce and a Magnum.

Second one was Vincent Van Gogh ($17.00)
Honeycomb, assorted berries, raspberry coulis, lemon curd, sponge finger, chocolate sauce and a Magnum.

Last but not least, A Midsummer's Night Dream ($18.00)
Edible flowers, assorted fizzy berries, white chocolate sheet and a Magnum.

The desserts were simply remarkable. It tasted fabulously good.

The host of the event was none other than Paul Foster, so nice to see him again.

All right, the crowds gathered to be witness the opening of Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store.

And on the count of 3, the black cloth was taken down and unveiled the Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store.
The MAGNUM SINGAPORE Pleasure Store will be roving around Singapore, with the first stop at Clarke Quay Central Fountain from 27th July to 26th August 2013 and will be open daily from 12pm to 11pm.

Another highlight of the night was the launch of Magnum Pink & Black.
Are you ready?

In 3,




Magnum Pink & Black was officially launched in Singapore.

All of us have different sides to our personality depending on the mood we are in. The Magnum Pink and Magnum Black ice-creams each reflecting the different sides to our personalities: flirty and frivolous or sophisticated and elegant.

Which is your style?

Everyone enjoyed it.

Magnum Pink had a surprisingly silky and delicate taste, with pink Marc de Champagne ice-cream and sauce coated with a premium pearlescent pink layer of crackling Magnum chocolate sauce. It is a heavenly pink cloud of moreish perfection.
Pleasure seekers who are feeling cheeky or fun can definitely reach for a Magnum Pink to bring out the exuberant bubbly side.

On the other hand, Magnum Black is irresistibly cool and delectably decadent. It contains intense black espresso coffee swirled in a smooth, creamy vanilla ice-cream. It is covered in the signature thick layer of crackling dark Magnum chocolate.

This new range will be available in all major supermarkets and convenience stores from 1 August 2013 at a recommended retail price of S$3.90 (stick) and S$10.90 (multipack-3 sticks).

I had Magnum Pink and Black.

And my favourite is gonna be Magnum Pink. 
I'm in love with the sweetness of Marc de Champagne that got me addicted. Every mouth tasted awesome.

Everyone, take a look at Jaymee Ong's dress. 
This couture dress was designed by fashion label, Cute Circuit, to celebrate the launch. 

While indulging in the new Magnum Pink and Magnum Black, pleasure seekers had the opportunity to play fashion designer for the night by influencing the colour and pattern of the Magnum Pink and Black Twitter Vote Dress in real-time.

The dress was fitted with a layer of 'intelligent fabric' containing high density LEDs which was simply controlled via an app which communicated Twitter votes #MakeitPink or #MakeitBlack to the dress. The live tweets were collected via a Moodometer on stage which decided on the colour and pattern of the dress.

75% of the crowds preferred the black.

We were all in the black themed.

I had a photo with Yingzi. Thanks Yingzi for bringing me along to the launch party.

After we finished our Magnum, we went back to the photo booth for more photo taking.

When more friends came along.

Oh yeah, my tweet (on the left) went up to the live tweets board.
Do you agree with me that Magnum is awesome?

#MakeitPink or #MakeitBlack?
The crowds definitely prefer the pink. I was one of them (:

We love MAGNUM.

Thanks Magnum for the wonderful night. I had lots of fun with my friends trying out the two new flavours.


  1. coincidentally, 27 July 2013 was the 1st arrival day of my grand little nephew on earth :-*

    1. Hi Xiao Tan, welcome your nephew to earth (:



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