Saturday, October 12, 2013

Food Review at Wan He Lou 萬合樓

Despite the heavy rain on Saturday, I made my way down to Wan He Lou Restaurant which is located at Maude Road for a hearty lunch.

Wan He Lou is located along the stretch of shophouses. 
The restaurant is famous for its Lobster Porridge as well as many other mouthwatering Chinese cuisine. Being a food lover, I always love trying out all the yummy food.

The interior design of the restaurant is simple and authentic, it makes me feel homely.
Another thing I like about Wan He Lou is that everything listed in their menu are all net price, no GST and service charge. Not only that, the prices are all charged at affordable price. Awesome right?

Wan He Lou also have 2 special room for guests who wish to have a more privacy and quiet dinning area. Suitable for 6-8 pax.

I had tried this unique fresh vegetable juice at only $3.
The vegetable juice is made from 3 ingredients - Pineapply, cai xin and sour plum. This is a very healthy drink with no sugar added.

Surprisingly, I couldn't taste cai xin in it. The strong taste of sour plum has covered it all, giving it a sweet and sour finish.. Indeed a refreshing drink.

I'm not really a vegetable person. So drinking the vegetable juice will help to absorb the nutrient in it.

Here comes the signature dish - Lobster Porridge ($29.90).

This is really a must try dish when coming to Wan He Lou. The porridge is flavourful and tasty, the essence of the lobster has further enhanced the fragrance of the porridge. I ate the lobster last after I finished my bowl of porridge, the lobster meat was fresh, firm and sweet. The lobster has also been cut up before placing it in the porridge, it enabled me to peel off the shell without much efforts.

I love eating luxury dishes at affordable price. Furthermore, it can be shared between two person.

This is yet another favourite dish of mine, Crispy Lotus w Salted Egg ($11.90).

This dish is super addictive, I couldn't stopped myself my eating and eating. I'm no a fan of lotus too but this dish is an exception. The crispy lotus is crunchy good and together with the salted egg, it added fragrance to the lotus, giving it a sweet finish. 

This is a perfect snack all time round.

Next, we tried Seven Spice Pork Chop ($14.90).

Initially I was thinking the seven spice sounds scary, seems like it will be very spicy. To my surprise, it isn't spicy at all. It just have the black pepper taste.

The pork chop was well-seasoned and it was delicious. However, the pork chop was a little hard, it will be good if the texture of the meat could be softer a bit.

Green Dragon veggie ($9.90), 双味青龙菜.

You could hardly find this dish in Singapore, but it is now available at Wan He Lou.
This was my first time hearing about green dragon vegetable. The vegetables were grown and imported from Cameron Highlands. 

The dish tasted appetising and delicious, it did not have the strong chive taste. I love the leafy colour of the vegetables.

Caro Chicken Soup with Chinese Pear & Coconut ($19.90).

This is a nutrient and nourishing soup that is good for our lungs.
It has this Chinese herbal taste in it upon drinking. The Chinese pear and coconut brings out the flavour of the soup. Although there is a little bitterness in it, I enjoyed drinking it as I was absorbing the nutrients in it.

The meat of the chicken was really tender and soft. The taste was further enhanced by the chicken soup.

It simply taste so good.

Another specialty of Wan He Lou - Hairy crab.

Authentic Shanghai Hairy Crab ($26.90)

I had tried before chilli crab, butter crab, salted egg crab, curry crab, but this is my first time trying hairy crab. Unlike the usual crabs, hairy crab is smaller in size.

The manager was helping us to remove the shell.

The crab meat was sweet even without dipping into the vinegar. 

Overall, I enjoyed the food served at Wan He Lou and that the price is reasonable. It's a nice place to hang out and have a good meal with your friends on weekdays after work and with your family on a weekend.

For more information, please visit

Wan He Lou 萬合樓
65 Maude Road, 
#01-01 , Singapore 208347

Tel: 6294 8057
Operating hours: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm, 5:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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