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Dining experience at Fullhouse Signature @ Clarke Quay

Having hear so much about the good review of Fullhouse Theme Cafe @ Rendezvous Hotel, I always wanted to try out the dining experience at the gorgeous theme cafe. Unfortunately, Fullhouse Theme Cafe had closed down before I could go.

But thankfully, it has made a  return with Fullhouse Signature which was opened at one of Singapore's top nightspots, Clarke Quay.

Fullhouse Signature brings new dimensions to wedding and dining experience, with an edge in creating a dream home for all. It caters to Family Gatherings, High Tea Sessions, Relaxing Meet-ups, Chill out and Showcase of Artistic.

Now, let me take you to a visual tour around the restaurant:

Say hello to the four members of the Fullhouse family.
Tony(son), Thomas(dad), Tracy(mum) and Tiffani(daughter).

They will inspire the menu change each time they travel around the world for their annual vacation.

Spotted Tiffani right beside the counter.

Presenting to you the living room concept.

Over at the living room was a stage with a projector that makes it suitable for holding corporate functions, events or even wedding. 

Look, mum Tracy was on stage in her wedding gown.

Tick tock! Tick tock! What time is it now?

It's time for a sumptuous dinner.

The gorgeous ambience made me feel that I was being transported to the fairy tale land. So beautiful and enchanting. Fullhouse Signature is a really nice place to chill out with your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful setting.

Every little details of the decor never failed to fascinate me.
I was caught in the beauty of the surrounding in the restaurant.

There is a corner in the restaurant that displayed the wedding gown for sale. You can try on the wedding gown and purchase it if you like. This is my first time seeing wedding gowns being displayed in a restaurant. This concept is definitely innovative.

So warm hearted and full of romance.

Meet Thomas the dad at the wedding gowns area.

I liked the magnificent lighting of Fullhouse Signature.

The interior of the restaurant made me felt so cosy and homely. Especially this dining table, it has this holiday resort feel. Come down to Fullhouse Signature and enjoy your lovely experience here.

Alternatively, you can also choose to sit by the window and enjoy the spectacular view of our Singapore river.

Over at the other section of the restaurant is a corner that sell merchandises. The items here are for sales.

I took a fancy of the little plushie.

Thinking of what to buy for Christmas? 
You can consider the merchandises here too.

I wish my living room looks like this. I love the classic Victorian design style.
It looked so classy and sophisticated.  The dark colour sofa goes well with the chandelier.

Can I sit down here and never get up?
This is an ideal place to have high tea session where we can sit and laze around the whole afternoon.

Credits to Fullhouse Signature Singapore.

Tony the son is playing violin.

Settled down at my seat and can't wait to try some of the signature dishes of Fullhouse Signature.

Let's have some refreshing drink to quench our thirst. 
From left to right:, the drinks are made of: Lemon, watermelon and  Calamansi Grape.

Cream of Forest Mushroom.

I'm a big fan of mushroom soup. I like the thick creamy based of the soup and also the chunky mushroom. Every mouth of the soup taste so delicious.

I also love the lighting of the picture. Have you wonder how we achieve this?

Creative Joey, she had used the torchlight function in her mobile and create the perfect picture lighting for us.

Garlic Bread.

We had garlic bread to go along with the soup. A perfect pairing that always go well for starter.

You can dip the garlic bread into the mushroom soup or you can have it plain as well.

Crunchy Cheese Sticks.

This is a must try dish over here, it is really cheesy good. The cheese stick is crispy on the outer and cheesy on the inner. So delectable, especially when the cheese oozes out.

Golden Crabmeat Ball.

The crabmeat ball were fried to perfection and it contained generous portion of crabmeat in it.

I like the taste when the crabmeat ball was dipped into the sauce, it enhanced the flavour of the crabmeat ball. I find it a little plain without dipping the sauce.

Italian Meatball.

Yet another meaty dish. I actually preferred this than the crabmeat ball because I like the combination of meatball and melted cheese. The meatball is juicy and the cheese just melt in my mouth. Every bite simply taste awesome.

Fullhouse Ravioli.

The delectable egg pasta that is filled with cheese. I love anything that is cheesy. 
I find that the crispy skin texture is a little too hard for biting, it will be good if the skin is softer.

Braised Lamb Shank.

A generous portion of lamb shank served with mash potato and vegetables. The lamb shank is tender and succulent. The flavour goes well with the sauce and I like the taste. The lamb shank is braised to perfect and the meat come out juicy good.

Scallop Aglio Spaghetti.

Within the first mouth, I could taste the spiciness in the spaghetti that spice up my appetite. The delicate taste of the scallop made me want to go for more.

Grilled Chicken Chop with Raisin Black Pepper Sauce.

The chicken chop is grilled to tender and soft upon cutting. Same as the lamb shank, the chicken chop i accompanied by mash potato and vegetables.

The main course here are really good. If you like their main course too, Fullhouse Signature is having a 1 for 1 main course that is valid till 10 December 2013.

With every main course purchase, you are entitled to another main course of your choice for free.

Simply scan this QR code and flash the coupon to enjoy this offer.

Banana Paradise.

No matter how full I am, there will always be room for dessert. The dessert consists of fried banana pairing up with homemade vanilla ice-cream. It made me think of goreng pisang but their taste are absolutely different. I preferred the banana paradise, the fried banana is sweet and crunchy.

Molten Chocolate Cake.

Molten chocolate cake served together with homemade vanilla ice-cream and strawberry. I like the homemade ice-cream, it has this sweet taste that I couldn't describe. So different from those that we purchased in fairprice. Clearly, machine and homemade made a lots of different.

We were tasting to see if the chocolate will oozes out if we cut the molten chocolate cake into half. It did not came flowing out as what we expect.

Snow White on Fire.

We also tried their signature cocktail - Snow White on fire.

See how Snow White caught on fire. Very cool right?

Credits to Fullhouse Signature Singapore.

Thank you Fullhouse Signature and Mapwerkz for the invitation to the sumptuous dinner, I enjoyed the food very much. It was a wonderful gathering together with the bloggers

Remember to scan this QR code that will link you to the coupon page where you will be able to enjoy the 1 for 1 main course. 

The food here are of reasonable price, come and enjoy the lovely ambience now.

Fullhouse Signature Singapore 
3A Clarke Quay 
River Valley Road #02-04 
Singapore 179020

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