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Japan's No. 1 Green Tea - ITO EN Oi Ocha Green Tea‏

Do you know that drinking green tea is actually good for our health?

Drinking green tea actually aids in weight loss (just nice what I need), it burns away the calories and achieve fat oxidation. Other than that, regular consumption of green tea reduce the risk of getting heart diseases and high blood pressure.

To drink to better health, Japan’s No 1 Green Tea has hit Singapore’s shores.

Japan’s leading multi-beverage company and largest tea company, ITO EN, has launched its top-selling Oi Ocha brand of unsweetened green tea in Singapore. 

With over 2 billion bottles of Oi Ocha drunk worldwide annually, Oi Ocha has been Japan’s No 1 Green Tea since 1989. To cater to health-savvy consumers, two variations of the unsweetened green tea will be available, namely Oi Ocha GREEN TEA, Oi Ocha HOJICHA , for a natural and refreshing beverage. 

‘Oi ocha!’  is derived from the Japanese phrase which translates to “It’s tea time!’ or “Tea, please”. 

Oi Ocha is ITO EN’s flagship brand for green tea beverage and tea leaf products. Using proprietary methods to process the green tea, Oi Ocha products are able to achieve a delicious, natural taste without additives. As ITO EN handles over 20 % of all green tea produced in Japan, high quality green tea is supplied on a consistent and constant basis.

We can now enjoy the authentic taste and natural antioxidants of Oi Ocha. There are no sugars, zero calories, no added preservatives, colours or flavours.

Let me bring you through the two variations: Oi Ocha GREEN TEAOi Ocha HOJICHA.


ITO EN’s classic green tea product is also the best-seller in Japan with an authentic Japanese green tea taste.


Made from roasted green tea, this has a rich aroma and clear light taste.

Looking at the nutrition information, it does not contain any fat and carbohydrate. It only contain sodium which is needed in our body for balancing pH and hydration.

What makes the flavour sweet is the sugar added. Hence with no sugar added, the tea does not taste sweet and the bitterness is present. Thankfully, the bitterness is not too overwhelming. It resembles the taste of Chinese tea that we brew from tea pot.

In short, green tea offers an array of unique taste sensations, including astringency, bitterness and full-bodied flavor. 

Green tea also comprises a large number of components that are said to be beneficial to human health. Some of these components include:

- Decreases blood cholesterol 
- Body fat reduction
- Cancer prevention effect 
- Tooth decay prevention 
- Inhibits high blood pressure 
 Bad breath prevention 

- Maintenance of healthy skin and mucus membrane
- Maintenance of nighttime vision
- Antioxidant

ITO EN Oi Ocha Green Tea will be available at major convenience stores including 7-Eleven and Cheers, and in Fairprice supermarkets retailing between S$1.20 – S$2.00 this November.

To celebrate the launch of Oi Ocha, ITO EN has started an “Oi Gotcha Ocha” Free Tea Campaign with 20,000 bottles of Oi Ocha up for grabs. Members of the public can apply for the giveaway contest on ITO EN’s Facebook page at

Interested applicants can organise a tea party or an event with more than 50 attendees to be eligible, and sign up at ITO EN’s Facebook page. Successful applicants will be contacted and the groups will get a chance to take a photo with a “Giant Oi Ocha PET bottle” to share with their social networks on delivery of the bottles. 

The campaign runs from now till 20,000 bottles are given out. 

For more information on ITO EN, check out

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