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18th Singapore Hit Awards 2013 (第18届 新加坡金曲奖) Live

Something to keep me looking forward to that Friday night.

Thanks to F&N Fruit Tree Fresh, I have the opportunity to attend the 18th Singapore Hit Awards 2013 (第18届 新加坡金曲奖) which was held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre Level 6.

Are you there as well?

If yes, I'm sure you enjoyed it as much as I do.

If no?
Don't worry, let me bring you through some of the highlights of the awards ceremony.

For the very first time, the 18th Singapore Hit Awards was held at a brand new location, the newly renovated Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

I was looking forward to the star-studded night and good music performances.

Christin and I. 
Love hanging out with me, we had so many things to talk about. 

The 18th Singapore Hit Awards began with the opening performance by Wilber Pan 潘玮柏 - 24个比利.

Credits to Xinmsn.

Wilber Pan was one of the big winner that night, together with Alien Huang. They bagged home with 3 awards each.

The audience were treated to a visual and energetic dance performance. I enjoyed watching Wilber's performance, we were actually grooving along with his music.

The host for Singapore Hit Awards was none other than the DJs from Y.E.S. 93.3FM. They looked so great that night.

The hosts mentioned that although Hallyu wave had swept the world, we must not neglect and continue to support Chinese music.

Media Recommendation Award: 
MICappella (Here We Go )

Best New Artiste Award:
 Bai Ann (The Catcher in the Rye)

Congratulations to Alien Huang (Xiao Gui) for winning his first award.

MeRadio Top Downloaded Hit Award (Male Artiste): 
Make Sense (Alien Huang)

MeRadio Top Downloaded Hit Award (Female Artiste):
Happiness is not Difficult (Serene Koong)

Credits to Xinmsn.

Versatile Male Artiste Award: 
Wilber Pan 

Being able to sing and dance, Wilber indeed won the title of versatile male artiste.

Versatile Female Artiste Award:
Denise Ho

F&N Fruit Tree Fresh Stylish Artiste Award: 
Alien Huang

Yeah, second award for Alien.
Alien was one of my favourite Taiwanese celebrities, I was here for him.

Performance by our local singers - MICapella, The Freshman and Ruth Wei Miaoru.

They had brought us a series of 怀旧 songs like Jacky Cheung 吻别, Sandy Lam 至少还有你 and Stefanie Sun 我不难过.

Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Singapore)
Olivia Ong 

Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Malaysia) 
Penny Tai 

Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Hong Kong) 
Denise Ho 

Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Mainland China) 
Hu Xia 

Hu Xia was supposed to attend the awards ceremony. However, he was awarded to the hospital and could not make it for this ceremony.

Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Taiwan) 

Best Band Award 
Magic Power (Marksman) 

Best Group Award 
S.H.E (Blossomy) 

Most Popular Group/Band Award 

Congratulations to the MP魔幻力量 for winning the best band award for the second time.

Credits to Xinmsn.

You guys were looking rocking good. Their black and white combination outfit looked great on them.

Charismatic Male Performer Award 
Wilber Pan 

Charismatic Female Performer Award 
Karen Mok

Atorrege AD+ Favourite Music Video Award 
The Story of Billy (Wilber Pan)

Magic Power had put up an awesome performance  - Marksman 神射手.

The best part of the performance was that Magic Power wanted everyone to groove along with their signature dance moves for Marksman. 

Credits to Xinmsn.

They invited Alien Huang and Karen Mok up on stage to join them for the dance as well.
Look at their amazing collaboration, with just a minute of learning, they were both doing so well.

Credits to Xinmsn.

Global Eminence Award 
Julian Cheung

Channel U Popularity Award 
Julian Cheung

Everyone was happy to see Captain Cool (Julian) in Singapore. He was still as charming as ever. 

Credits to Xinmsn.

Most Popular Male Artiste Award 
Alien Huang 

During his speech, Alien had review that he was happy to receive the award. People had always know him as a host rather than a singer. Thus, the awards were important to him. It's a recognition for his singing. 

Most Popular Female Artiste Award 
Jolin Tsai

So nice to hear Xiao Gui singing live again, this was my third time seeing Xiao Gui performing live. I enjoyed watching his live performance.

I took a short video of him. Here it goes.

Wooo, Zoe Tay was one of the awards presenter.

Best Female Vocalist Award 
Karen Mok (Somewhere I Belong) 

Asia Influential Artiste Award 
Karen Mok

Credits to Xinmsn.

Karen had brought us an English song - While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Captain Cool had charm everyone with the once familiar theme song of "Triumph In The Skies" - The Years like Song. I used to listen to it everytime I watch the drama. The song is so nice.

Credits to Xinmsn.

The Honorary Award 

Best Male Vocalist Award 
Jay Chou (Opus 12) 

Best Album Award 
Unexpected (Penny Tai) 

Best Album Producer Award 
JJ Lin (You N Me) 

Breakthrough Artiste Award 
Derrick Hoh

Thank you F&N for the tickets. I have a super great night watching the performance live, cheering for my favourite singer and knowing the result first hand. Congratulations to everyone (:

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