Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014 - Sakura Buffet Dinner + River Safari + Dian Xiao Er

Saturday 10/05/14

It is our yearly tradition to celebrate Mother's Day at Sakura International Buffet Restaurant together with my relatives. What we like about Sakura is the different varieties of Japanese, Western and Oriential foodfare that they served which suits the needs of different individual, be it young or old.

To avoid being overpriced and the Mother's Day crowd, we decided to celebrate one day in advance. We have chosen the outlet at Clementi Woods Park which is a centralized location for the two families.

Woo, the fried stuffs was what I missed the most. Hope this was not too sinful for the first round.

My dad laughed at me when I took this, saying "Stupid ar you, come here eat bread."
That isn't anything wrong with eating bread, I simply just love the fried mantou.

Lay my hands on some fresh sashimi.

It was really a sumptuous dinner. Thanks Dad for treating us to a good dinner.
Mother's Day is a time for us to feast.

Sunday 18/05/14

A mother's love is an unconditional love in this world as she does not ask for any return when she contributes. No matter how old am I, I am always still a little girl in her heart. My mum always showered me with lots of love and I am grateful for that.

So Mother's Day is the best time to express our gratitude towards my mum. 

Remember when I was young, my parents would bring us out to zoo every year until I reached 14. So to reminisce the old good times, I decided to bring my family to River Safari to see Jia Jia and Kai Kai.

This was their first visit to River Safari so they were fascinated with all the things here.
As for me, this was my second visit. Frankly speaking, visiting River Safari once will be enough. The reason why I visited again was to take the boat ride that was not ready last year.

We queued for quite awhile before we could enter the Giant Panda Forest.
Spotted the cute red panda.

We felt so cooling over here, it is air-conditioned. The pandas are so fortunate.

The weather wasn't good that day. It was pouring heavily in the morning and drizzling on and off in the afternoon.

Luckily the rain has subsided when we were on our way to boat ride.

This was an automated boat ride, so excited to try it.

We were ready to embark on a boat adventure of the amazing Amazon River.
The boat ride actually resemble the ride at USS Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure.

Do you know what you will be expecting when the door in front open?

Well, you will be taking a lift up to the second level, follow by a thrilling slope down. I was actually sitting right at the first seat, water came splashing in and my legs were drenched.

The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world, the ride will take us down into the mysterious Amazon wilderness.

The ride brought us to a dark cave and we spotted the Jaguar.

My bro looking at the flamingo. 

The only animal I saw so upclose during the boat ride.

The 10 minutes boat ride has come to an end. 
I was kind of disappointed with the ride because I didn't see much animals along the way.

Captured this picture on our way out. So beautiful.

Entering the Squirrel Monkey Forest.

Spotted the cute Monkey. 
We didn't stay for long here because it was drizzling.

One thing I like about River Safari is that the path is sheltered all the way. So on rainy day, we do not need to worry (except if you are intending to take the boat ride).

After spending 2 hours in River Safari, we left the place and headed for our post Mother's Day lunch. This time round, it was me who foot the bill.

After much consideration, my mum has chosen Dian Xiao Er.

This was my first time dining at Dian Xiao Er. 
Dian Xiao Er is a traditional Chinese restaurant that served delicious food.

We ordered some of our favourite dishes which we always ordered at zi char stall.
Seeing that my family enjoyed it makes me feel that everything is worthwhile.

That sums up my Mother's Day celebration.
What about you, how did you celebrate Mother's Day?

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