Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Birthday Dinner at Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe 美人鍋

Just 2 days before my school term starts, I met up with the clique to celebrate GF's birthday in advance. The birthday girl chosen the venue for dinner at Tsukada Nojo @ Chinatown Point. This was my first time trying 美人鍋.

In TSUKADA NOJO Singapore, they serve collagen soup beauty pot made by the nourishing "JITOKKO", and other popular menu in Japan.

Thank you Jasmine for the group photo of us.
We haven't been having such dinner gathering for quite sometimes, because everyone was busy with our own commitments. Finally we squeezed out time to celebrate GF's birthday.

We got a complimentary plate of fries because Terence got promoted to Manager. I am now a Assistant Manager, I will get promoted in my next visit.

The collagen pudding was placed in the pot and it will melt by itself. So cool right. 

The collagen pudding has melted into chicken soup.

The Bijin Nabe consists of the golden Jidori chicken soup, chicken, tori tsukune, winter melon, watermelon radish, black & white fungus, shrimps, deep fried tofu, mushroom, lettuce, cabbage and egg noodles.

We also ordered some side dishes - sausage rice ball roll wrapped with cabbage. It was delicious.

I love the fried chicken with yuzu dressing. It was a perfect combination and it tasted great.

We ordered another plate with the spicy sauce.  The sauce was really spicy, I have to gulp down my cup of tea with just a mouthful bite.

We ended our dinner with lovely dessert from Tsukada Nojo with the word "Arigato" written on the plate. So cute!

We left the restaurant with bloated stomach. It was a great gathering, let's have our next meet up soon. Good night.

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