Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Makan Day + Artica Hair Studio

Took leave to have a short break from work and to pamper myself. Just realized I have not take leave ever since my exam till now. Time to have a break man. KP took leave together with me too and came over to my house to look for me. We make plan to colour our hair together at Artica Hair Studio @ Far East Plaza. Before we went for our appointment, we have our brunch at Toast Box.

I have traditional breakfast set.
These days, I have been eating the american breakfast. And now, I have cravings for the traditional breakfast - Kaya butter roti with soft boiled egg. Still remembered those days when I was young, I would join my parents to coffeeshop every Sunday morning to enjoy this traditional breakfast set. My all-time favourite breakfast.

Kaya-butter toast.
It was crunchy on the outside and heavenly soft within. The sweetness of the kaya and a slice of butter bursting in my mouth. Delicious.

Finally satisfied my cravings for soft boiled eggs.
Add some soy sauce and pepper, stir it well and drink it down. So awesome!

Upon settling down, the stylist brought me a drink menu. I selected hot green tea.

I did colour, cut and treatment. Currently, Artica Hair Studio is having a promotion and the package I'm doing is $130. The entire process took me two and half hours. This is my second visit to Artica and I'm very satisfied everytime I came here. They are 2 hair stylists handling my hair and both of them did a great job. I enjoyed the hair washing, it was so comfortable and they massaged my hair too. I almost fall asleep during the hair wash. Another reason why I love coming back is because they don't hard-sell their services or products. Hard-sell is something I loathe the most. Once you do that to me, sorry I am not coming back to you again.

We walked over to Scotts Square to fill our stomach again at Dome Cafe. We decided to order something that is not too filling so that there will be room for dinner.

Farm mushroom soup. The rich and creamy mushroom soup served with garlic bread.

My new hair colour. I did a brown colour that looked natural and not too harsh. Something different from my usual style.

Chicken and mushroom pie served with potato chips and lettuce.

One day just passed so fast, this was how I spent my off day - eating and doing the things I like.
That's all for update today. Thank you for reading, good night.


  1. Definitely know how to enjoy life. A lovely breakfast - kaya butter toast in the morning, went for a hairdo in Artica Hair Studio and then tea time at Dome Cafe. What a good life!! :-) Indeed, we should spend more time doing what we love instead of just spending the entire day working. Life is short, and we should live it to the fullest. Thanks for sharing! ;-)

    1. Hi Billy, thanks for the lovely comment. Agree, we should live life to the fullest and don't leave any regrets.

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