Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kheng Loon and Sara's Wedding at M Hotel Singapore

Attended the second wedding of the year.
Another of my cousin is off the market.

The wedding banquet was held at M Hotel Singapore, located conveniently in the dynamic Financial District. That's my second visit to M Hotel Singapore, I was here for a media conference two years ago.

The ceremony kickoff with the solemnization.
With both parents on stage as witnesses, the solemnizer officiated the solemnization and the newly weds exchanged their vows.

Finally it's time to eat, we had the cold dish combination. 

Eight treasures soup.
This was so yummy, I finished every bits of it.

Braised whole baby abalone with lingzhi mushroom and Chinese spinach.

Spotted the bride and groom when we were outside. The two aunts then took a photo with the bride and groom.

Aiden looked so happy tonight, he had a fun time playing with the props.

So happy to see my bro has found the one to accompany him for the rest of his life. May the next chapter in your lives be a happy and blissful one.

Kheng Loon is also the most romantic cousin among us. His wedding proposal was so awesome that it even appeared on yahoo news -

The wedding ceremony was simple yet a heart-warming one.
Both of us teared when delivering their speeches and thank you messages to their parents and in-law. Their heartfelt words touched all of us and we could shared their sentiments.

Roasted duck.

Long time never take selfie le.
I was in a rush today, so only apply light makeup - eyeliner, BB cream, lip balm and lip gloss.

Lotus rice.

Dessert was mango sago pomelo.
The mango was a bit sour to my liking.

A photo with my younger cousin who was seated at the next table before we parted.
See you all around in our next gathering which will be granny's birthday.

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