Thursday, June 30, 2016

ClearSK Club Launch

ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics (ClearSK) is not an unfamiliar name to me. I was a paying customer of ClearSK for their facial services at Novena Velocity.

ClearSK has just launched its newest centre at Leisure Park Kallang. Now we have another location added when choosing our preferred choice of ClearSK outlets.

ClearSK being the known for its largest medi-aesthetic and medi-slimming concept with the largest selection of medical technologies designed by doctors.
The new centre at Leisure Park Kallang not only cater medi-aesthetics solution provider for skin and body, it also offers a new suite of doctor-designed hair growth and scalp treatments.

There are a variety of treatments available at ClearSK which includes medi-slimming, medi-aesthetics for skin and medi-hair with doctor-designed solutions, taking care of our needs from head-to-toe.

Let's look at the Total Body Medi-Solutions that ClearSK provides:

TwinSculpt for Medi-Slimming.

TwinSculpt uses fat freeze technology that comes in twins to deliver effective results more efficiently.

With twin treatment, two body parts can now be treated simultaneously, shaving treatment time by half. Each twin treatment lasted between 45 mins to 70 mins. The treatment can be done on tummy, flanks, thighs, back, underarms, elbows and even on the under chin area. 

Both Jas and I have a quick 10 minutes try-out of the treatment.

The TwinSculpt treatment uses cryo-therapy which fuses freezing of adipose tissues in sub-zero temperatures with a vacuum suction to break down fat tissues and fat elimination takes place through the lymphatic drainage system with no down-time.

Recommended to be done every four to six weeks and the results are visible from two-weeks’ post-treatment.

TwinLift for Skin.

TwinLift treatment targets to lift both upper and inner skin layers at one go. It uses a unique High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to stimulate new collagen to strengthen your inner skin layers while Radiofrequency to give an immediate boost to your upper skin layer. 
This twin combination helps to achieve firmer skin and reduced appearances of wrinkles with no down-time.

TwinLaser for Medi-Hair Technology.

The TwinLaser Hair Infusion uses Laser of specific wavelength to kindle new hair follicle cell formation, followed by infusion of Hair Growth Active Nutrients to stimulate hair regrowth from its roots.

The two-in-one treatment protects and enriches the scalp, ensuring healthy and strong growth for current hair and new hair. Each treatment is 60-minutes.

 ClearSK launched its Club ClearSK for all its clients where membership is automatic for all ClearSK new and long-term clients. Members get to enjoy:
1. One free trial treatment per month 
2. Use of the Club ClearSK Lounge
3. Monthly privileges with participating partners 
4. 10% off for treatments storewide

 A glimpse of the Club ClearSK Lounge.

Member can enjoy the quiet and relaxed space before or after our treatment with soft music, hot and cold beverages available such as TWG Tea, plus a wine chiller for us to unwind ourselves.

Thanks Jas for the photo.
I have a nice gathering with the girls at the launch event.

We can't wait to try their treatment.

To find out more, please visit

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