Sunday, June 26, 2016

Malacca x Johor Bahru Day 2: Legoland Malaysia

Day 2 began.

I went to bed at 12am last night and woke up at 7am.
I tucked myself under the thick white blanket and have a cosy sleep.

Checking on the weather.
It was raining in the early morning but the rain has subsided now.

All done with preparing myself and packing up my barang barang.
I was all alone in the hotel room as my cousin went over to her mum's room to pack her stuffs.

After we were done, we headed down to Peranakan restaurant at level 1 for our breakfast. We booked the hotel room package that came with free breakfast..

The restaurant has prepared many variety of food but I'm not a person who eat heavy breakfast, so I didn't took much.

Instead of the fried rice, noodles and porridge, I preferred to go for waffles and roti canai.
It would have tasted better if there is curry to go with roti canai.

Together with a sunny side up egg and soya milk.
We helped ourselves with more food. Breakfast is an important meal to start the day. Moreover, we have a long journey to go before our lunch.

While heading up to our hotel room from the restaurant, I passed back this cafe in the hotel and decided to purchase some gifts inside for my friends and bro.

Time was running up. We rushed back to the hotel room to pick up our belongings and headed to the lobby where the mini bus was there waiting for us. We were heading to Legoland. So excited for it.

From our hotel to Legoland was about 3 hours ride. We were riding non-stop except stopping at Yong Peng for a quick 5 minutes toilet break. Throughout our journey, it was raining on and off. But luckily the rain stopped when we reached JB.

Finally here we were at Legoland Malaysia for a magical retreat.
Kheng Loon has always want to organise a Legoland trip and we made it.

Going to theme park never fails to lift up my moods.
It brought joy and childhood memories of us playing lego.

A huge face that stood out from the wall right beside Mindstorms, a place that provides creative workshop bringing robot to life.

Due to the sudden downpour, we quickly looked for place to settle down for lunch.
We have fish fillet, nugget and drumstick combo.

Proceed to Miniland next.

Miniland is amazing. 
It showcased the miniature famous landmarks from 17 Asian countries using more than 30 million LEGO bricks to create.

Arriving at Singapore for the first stop.

The familiar scene of The Fullerton Hotel and The Merlion Park.

Uncle and Aunt paktor-ing at Singapore Flyer stop.

Reaching China.

Here at The Forbidden City - the emperor’s palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties.
The familiar palace that I always see from the shows.

Visiting India.

A must visit place when you go India is The Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. It was built by the Mughal emperor Shah jahan in memory of wife. 

Thailand next.

This is a Buddhist Temple on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok - Wat Arun. Its name means “Temple of Dawn”. 

Boarding LEGOLAND Express at Lego City, viewing the sights of the park while the train moved.
But the ride a bit boring though. 

We reached our destination, thank you LEGOLAND Express. 
Searching for the next ride.

Having a fantastic time so far.
Coming to theme park always make me feel young at heart.

We stepped into Lost Kingdom at Land of Adventure.
My family were ready to play an adventure hero in the laser-blasting hunt for lost treasure.

Passed by Beetle Bounce and wanted to give it a try.

Took our position, ready for the ride.
Here we go.

Give us a taste of the bounce of our lives, we were transported 15 feet above the ground and dropping us down all of a sudden. Wow, see the small boy 2 seats away from me?
He just dropped his slipper.

Legoland is really a family friendly theme park, most of the rides are kids friendly. Suitable for family to bring their young kids along.

The next batch of challengers.

Lucky I brought my cardigan out with me and didn't left it in the locker. I used it to shelter me from the rain.

We have been contemplating on whether to take the Dino Island ride because you will get all wet on the way down. We decided to give it a miss as we don't want to drench all wet when going to the custom later on.

As I get older, I find my courage level dropped. I'm not that daring in trying out all these exciting rides anymore without a push. Can I go back to being young again?

We also went for 4D Movie.
You can expect to feel the wind and water during the movie.

We took the Observation Tower which meanders upwards in a slow circular motion for us to have a panoramic view of the entire LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort and the surrounding areas.

Spotted the Legoland Hotel.
Just found out that the price of hotel stay is not cheap at all. It costs RM1,200 to RM1,500 for a night stay.
It costs a bomb.

At Legoland Kingdom.
How I wish I live in the royal castle.

The Merlin's Challenge was fun.
The high speed carousel got us spinning round and round.

Our last ride in Legoland.
We went to Boating School to learn how to drive a boat.

Bro was enjoying his boat ride. 
The boat ride was not automated. We get to control the steering wheel and accelerator on our own.

Our last group photo before we bid goodbye to Legoland.
I have an enjoyable time spent with my family in this short getaway. It's really had to find time spent with one another given our busy schedules. I really treasured the fruitful time spent together.

After half an hour of shopping at the shops outside Legoland, we settled down for our dinner at Absolute Thai. We have a sumptuous dinner and the best meal during our Malaysia trip. We have something nice to round up our trip.

Just in time to catch the sunset view.
We got caught in the jam at both Malaysia and Singapore custom. We were back in Golden Mile at almost 8.40pm.

Goodbye Malaysia, I have a great 2D1N short getaway to escape from the reality. I have a rejuvenating adventure that got my energy recharged. I'm ready to face the reality again.

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