Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happenings in September - Food + Pokemon + Gardens By The Bay

Work has been really busy for me since the start of September. I have been staying back till late almost everyday for 2 weeks. I stayed until 9 - 10pm until I was the last soul to go back. Not really nice to stay behind after 8pm because air-con was off and office was so quiet but some "noise" can be heard. Argh, hope this month will pass fast.

I know I haven't been updating my blog as regularly as before, I was busy juggling my work, attending night classes, meeting school assignments deadline, out for gathering and etc. So here I am, squeezing out some precious time to update some of the things I did lately.

Wednesday 7/9/16

Pokemon Go has been a hit since the mobile game reached Singapore in August 2016. Till now, everyone is still crazy with it. Everywhere I go, I could see people with eyes glued to their phones, engrossed in the game.

The lunch kakis were all playing the games too. We decided to head over to VivoCity for lunch and also to catch the water pokemon. VivoCity is a hot spot for water pokemon such as Magikarp, Psyduck, Dratini, Tentacool and etc.

We have our lunch at Food Republic at level 3 and I settled myself for Mini Wok.
Easily satisfied with just meat and egg.

After our lunch, we went out to the sky park for some pokemon catching.
This was my first time the purpose of coming to Vivo was to catch pokemon.
It was really nice to come out, made me forget the stress that I was experiencing for awhile.

Thursday 8/9/16

Head down to Vivo for lunch again. We really have lots of joy catching pokemon here yesterday. First time catching so many Magikarp. I need many many Magikarp to evolve into Gyarados.

Today I have Thai chicken fried rice.

Roaming around the sky park with our eyes glued to the phone, ready to exercise our fingers when there was vibration alert.

Dragging my feet when heading back to office, ready for another day of long hours of work.

Sunday 11/9/16

Finally I have endured the work week. Things have been quite overwhelming for the past weeks, I felt so despair, lost and incompetent. So thankful that my friends were with me and dragged me out for the past 2 days. Coming out made me leave all worries behind.

Settled one part of my work in the afternoon before heading out.
Hanging out with friends always make me feel good rather than coping at home. Unless I really have to other school assignments to rush, if not I don't like to spend my day at home.

Decided to visit Gardens by the Bay.
I haven't been here for quite awhile, my last visit was in last December. I love coming here, taking a stroll by the pond, admiring the nature and exploring around.

This weekend was a week for greenery. Yesterday I went vegetable farm and today was Gardens by the Bay.

Having been to Gardens by the Bay countless of time, I have not been to OCBC Skyway. We decided to head up to check out the view from the skyway.

Wow, we were standing at 22 metres above ground and surrounded by panoramic vistas of the Gardens and Marina Bay skyline. Indeed a scenic stroll.

Met up with J after his wedding lunch appointment.
Thanks for being such a supportive friend, lending me your ears and listening to my issues.

In the heart of the nature.

Looking at the beautiful scenery and taking a stroll around the garden really helped in de-stress, I felt so much better. Energy recharged. 

We have our dinner at Menzo Butao @ The Dining Edition.
I have the curry cutlet curry rice with fries. The portion was huge and I couldn't finish eating it by myself.

Weekend always passed so fast, but never mind, thank god it's public holiday tomorrow. Another day of rest.

Friday 23/9/16

Another lunch at Vivo again. Pokemon Go indeed made us crazy. We were really into catching pokemon. Once start, it's not easy to stop. Gonna catch them all.

We have our lunch at Food Republic as usual. This time round, I tried their hokkien mee. The prawn noodle is nice but a bit pricey. 

While eating, I also managed to take down a gym.

Thursday 29/9/16

Met up with GF and Linda for dinner at VivoCity. Linda wanted to try Monster Curry and here we were at Monster Curry. We waited for more than half an hour before we could get a seat.

The 3 of us ordered 2 mega portion of curry rice for sharing. The portion was so huge that we couldn't clear finish all.

We ordered sea monster and combo curry.

Monster Curry is the only Japanese restaurant in Singapore to serve a “demi-glace” curry sauce, marked by a rich and deeply flavourful brown sauce.
Monster Curry serves all its dishes at five different levels of spiciness. We requested level one spice for both dishes.

GF was just back from her overseas trip and she got both of us some souvenirs from Melbourne. Thanks GF for always buying gifts for me whenever you travel overseas, thinking of us when you are abroad.

It was a nice gathering session with the girls, updating each other about our life.

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