Monday, July 31, 2017

Beauty Review: One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic

My skin has been battling with acne and dullness for the longest time.

Living in an urban city, we are being exposed to internal and external factors that affect our skin such as stress, sleep, air pollution, uv ray, climate and etc. All these factors cause variety of skin issues, causing my skin to be sensitive and prone to acne.

Troubled by my skin concerns, I went to One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic to try out their services. 

One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic is located in the heart of Singapore right at Tanjong Pagar Road. It is 5 minutes walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station Exit A.

*Just an update, the clinic has now relocated to 1 Tras Link #02-01 Orchard Hotel with effect from 1 Jun 2018.*

Upon arriving, 2 of the staffs were standing at the door to keep a lookout for me in case I lost my way and greeted me by my name when I stepped in. I was wow'ed by their customer service.

One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic provides one-stop service, offering expert solutions for our skin issues by adopting their effective medical aesthetics treatments with minimal discomfort and downtime.

The first thing I did was facial double cleansing to remove any impurities on my skin.
After which, we proceeded for a photo-taking session. This is to capture the before and after effect to track the improvement.

I was being brought to the waiting area while waiting for my consultation appointment.

I have a consultation with Dr David Ng.
He accessed my skin condition and gave me prescription for oral pills (antibiotic) and product application.

Here's a photo of my skin before the treatment.
As you can see, I am being bothered by angry red spots and scarring of acne marks, there is also no radiance which make my appearance look dull. 

Besides the oral medicine, I have gotten 4 products from One Face Medical Aesthetics Clinic to battle my acne skin problems. I will share with you more about these products below.

Sequence of application is from left to right, starting from One Face BeautSpot Lotion, One Face BeautSpot Gel, One Face Lite Moisturiser and One Face BeautSpot-On.

Right after cleansing, first step is to apply One Face BeautSpot Lotion ($60, 50gm).

This BeautSpot Lotion is formulated to combat oily and clogged skin. It contains antiseptic properties to purify the skin and reduce signs of acne.

I applied the lotion twice a day.

BeautSpot Lotion is a watery texture lotion that does not leave sticky feeling on our skin. When applying, I avoided applying near the nose area because my skin is dry around the area. The lotion gives my skin a boost and helps to prep my skin for the next application.

After prepping my skin, the next application is One Face BeautSpot Gel ($90, 50gm).

This gel is also formulated with antiseptic ingredients to purify the skin and reduce signs of acne with inflammation.

I applied it twice daily around the affected skin area, not for the entire face.

The gel texture does not feel heavy on skin either. It is a translucent gel that absorbed fast when applied on skin. It replenished our skin with antiseptic to fight against acne with inflammation and reducing it in size.

Next step is to apply One Face Lite Moisturiser ($60, 50gm).

Lite Moisturiser is an oil-free moisturiser that provides adequate hydration and suppleness to our skin. 

To apply twice a day on our entire face.

The moisturiser has a gel watery texture that is also fast absorbed into our skin. It felt light weighted on skin.  It moisturised and hydrated our skin, leaving our skin feeling supplied and glow with radiance. 

My skin is lack of hydration that makes the appearance looks dull. Therefore, having a suitable mosituriser is very important to me for saying goodbye to dull looking skin and I'm glad I found One Face Lite Moisturiser.

Last step is to apply One Face BeautSpot-On ($65, 15gm).

 This is a targeted spot-on formulation for signs of inflamed acne or pimple.

This is to be applied on targeted area like the early stage of acne or pimple, preventing it from surfacing further. The big spot of acne or pimple is to apply the gel instead.
To apply twice a day.

The BeautSpot-On helped to stop the newly grown acne or pimple to grow further and prevent it from worsening the condition. Prevention is better than cure, we should try to stop these spots from surfacing any further. That's why I have been diligently applying them to improve my skin condition.

The left view of my face.

This is my progress after using the products and medication from One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic. I noticed that my skin has brightened up a little or no longer so dull looking. The acne skin also cleared up a little.

The right view of my skin. 

The big red spot has started to diminish and are kept under control. My skin also feel more hydrated and radiant. 

My family and friends have commented that my skin has cleared up, The products have helped to salvage my skin condition. 

For more information, please visit for more details.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Birthday Dinner at Bread Street Kitchen

Happy birthday to me, I am officially another year older.
Being someone who is not into a big party, I always keep my celebration small or just spend it like any other days. This year, my birthday falls on Sunday and I get to spend it with my loved ones.

As usual, mummy prepared 2 red eggs for me. She always made that for me every year. Our family don't have the habit of buying cake for birthday, so it will be red eggs instead.

Bf came over to look for me in the afternoon with a gift. Receiving gifts always make me feel so happy, regardless of what is inside.

Here we were at Marina Bay Sands.
As time was still early for dinner, we went walking around. I was always being mesmerized by the landscape of Marina Bay, it was so beautiful.

Bf brought me to Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay to celebrate my birthday, a place picked by him. This birthday was a special one because it was the first time he celebrated it with me.

Bread Street Kitchen is a sophisticated casual dining restaurant with a vintage blends and comforting ambience. Their customer service is remarkable too, they will regularly check with customers on our needs and opinions on the food, making sure our needs are taken care of.

We got one of the best spots where we can enjoy our food and admiring the view of Marina Bay.

Upon seated, we were being served with the basket of bread. The bread tasted so nice when spread with butter.

We ordered appetizer for sharing. 
The sashimi was beautifully plated when served, so fresh and tender.

Bf had slow roasted Dingley Dell Pork Belly with spiced apple purée.
This portion may seem small for a main but it was actually quite filling.

I have roasted Black Cod with crushed potato. I love it very much,  the meat was very tender and the sauce drizzled was a great complement to the flavouring of the black cod., giving it a delicious taste.

We ordered chips for sharing too, we were drawn my the golden yellow fries when they served. We were actually very full and couldn't finish the fries.

Bf surprised me with a special dessert. I have cheesecake and ice cream with 'Happy Birthday' message.

Such little surprise made me feel special on my birthday, making it a memorable one.
So happy and blessed when people put in efforts to celebrate for me.

A simple birthday celebration is all I wish. 
Not a fan of big party because birthday just make me feel I am getting old.

Thanks bf for the sweet planning, making sure my day was a blissful one. Thanks for always being so supportive in whatever I do.
We left Bread Street Kitchen with a good dining experience, we will be back again. 

We were just in time for the ending of the light show.
our local light show is still the best light show that I ever watch as compared to those I watched at overseas.

I love this dress that comes with a zip behind, it hugged my figure nicely and flattered at the right spot.

I enjoyed myself today. Thanks everyone for wishing me on Fb and whatsapp, I read and replied all of them.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Happenings in July - Equilibrium + Spider-Man Homecoming Movie

Tuesday 25/7/17

The first time that I want to eat when I came back from Hong Kong is Nasi Lemak burger before the seasonal sales ended.

Can't wait to sink my teeth on the Nasi Lemak burger set.
The burger consists of cornflakes-coated fried chicken thigh patty, spiced coconut marinade, fried egg, onions and cucumber slices, sandwiched between semolina buns. The fried chicken has a crispy exterior and tender interior. The criss cross fries was so addictive that I couldn't stopped eating. I felt super full after gobbling it and left no space for coconut pie. I have it for my tea break instead.

Friday 28/7/17

We grabbed car down to Capitol Piazza for lunch. Capitol Piazza is a place to visit for lunch, the place offers a stretch of restaurants that offers set lunch menu at below $15++.  We wanted to try the set lunch at Equilibrium (by Supply & Demand). Their set lunch is priced from $13.90++ onward.

We spotted Equilibrium.

Equilibrium is an Italian restaurant inspired by the flavours served in the bacaros of Venice, offering exceptional taste with ambience and affordability.

Every set comes with small bite of the day, petite antipasto of the day, cheese of the day and handmade bread.

For my main course, I picked Pollo Cremoso. The pasta was simmered in a rich creamy sauce with chicken and mushroom, toppled with shaved Parmesan. I always prefer creamy sauce than tomato based sauce. Creamy sauce tasted delicious, however after awhile, it can get very gelat.

Saturday 29/7/17

After parting with the girls, I met up with bf at Jurong Point to laze our day. Our initial plan was to travel to JB for dinner and movie. However, I ended my schedule late. So we changed our plan and meet at Jurong Point instead.

I have cravings for ice cream so we went McDonald to have my all-time favourite Oreo McFlurry. I will never get sick of the ice cream. I love the oreo bits.

We passed by Hong Kong Street, we missed Hong Kong so much. We were still in Hong Kong a week ago. Now we can only come to this Hong Kong Street in Jurong Point to reminisce the good times. 

I suggested to have dinner at Swensen because they are having 1 for 1 main course promotion. It was super worth it to have it during such promotion because 2 main course only cost us $20.

I have crispy cornflakes chicken for my main course. The tenderly and moist boneless chicken was generously coated in with crispy golden cornflakes that gave extra crunch in every bite. It was accompanied with fries and salad.

After the dinner, we proceeded for the movie.

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) starts to navigate his identity as the latest super hero, Spider-Man. Eager to prove his ability to join the Avengers and under the mentor of Iron Man,Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.). And when the Vulture (Michael Keaton) emerges as a new villain, Peter's chance is here.

I was a bit disappointed with the movie, it was draggy and suspense is not enough. Not worth paying to watch.

End the post with the birthday gift I got from GF. Though I am getting older and birthday isn't really a big deal to us anymore. But receiving gifts from others will always make me happy because we cross the mind of the other person. Thanks for always preparing gifts for me every year without fail.

Celebrate Life with Party Popper Singapore

We all have that special occasion and that magic moment in our life where we want to have a blast, creating wonderful memories. 

It's time to celebrate life with Party Popper Singapore.

I attended Party Popper Singapore launch event which was held at BackStage Cafe, a quiet and cozy cafe located in Kallang.

Upon arriving, I was drawn to the popper displayed on the table. 
I have never seen so many different variety of popper before, make me want to try all the different effect out.

Party Popper Singapore is the only specialist in party popper in Singapore. They offer the widest range of party poppers at the most competitive pricing. 

For champagne lover.
Pop this champagne during the event or parties and light up the air with multi colour metallic foil different shapes heart, stars, dove, ball, butterfly.

30cm: $8 each 
50cm: $9.50 each

We can even customized the packaging of the popper and present as a door gift during wedding. It can also be presented as door gift for corporate event too. 
Good idea, isn't it?

This is the red heart shaped popper at $2.50 each.
It creates a rain of lovely hearts, so romantic.

Event was starting. 
My friend, Jasmine, was the emcee of the day.

Meet the owner of Party Popper Singapore, Marcus Poh.
Marcus shared that they offer the lowest price in market and wide variety of poppers to cater to different needs and events.

Next segment was the lion and dragon dance performance which all of us enjoyed watching. 
Lion and dragon performance is seen during festive celebration and business launch to bring good luck from the start.

财神爷 was here too.
So cute, he gave the victory sign.

A total of 5 lions were activated for the ceremony.
We were treated to a visual performance by the lion dance troupe.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

We have a group photo taken with my group of friends against the dragon dance backdrop. So beautiful.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

A group photo with all the bloggers and Marcus. Look at the confetti above us, they were popped by the lion dance troupe.
We were all fascinated seeing the confetti falling like rain, we can't wait to try the popper on our own.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

The way to pop a popper is easy, there is a instruction around the packaging of the popper. Just twist and turn both hands in opposite direction. Easy peasy.

Ready, get set, go.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

 Celebrate Life with Party Popper Singapore.

A celebration won't have been fun without these party popper. Instantly, the whole place was filled with lively atmosphere and lots of confetti.

We all love the US dollar bills popper. Who don't love money?

Imagine money falling from the sky, it's like our wish come true. This is suitable for opening ceremonies, corporate events or prosperous occasions. Each is selling at $5.50.

Everyone was having fun popping the poppers.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

Jasmine and I have a pop together. It has been a long time since I last seen her, we have a new way of reunion by having a blast.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

We were all having fun while the confetti dropped on us. While playing, it brought back a nostalgia of my childhood time where we played with popper during our festive celebration. Reminisce the old good times.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

We never know poppers can be so addictive, we didn't want to stop popping. It has been so long since I last have so much fun. 

Look at our end product.
I hope we didn't make a big mess.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

It was a very fun and amazing afternoon with my fun loving friends and party poppers, I have a great time popping the poppers. Thanks Party Popper Singapore for the invitation and all the fun you brought to us.

For more information about Party Popper Singapore, pls visit the below link:

Instagram: @PartyPopperSingapore


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