Friday, December 16, 2011

Happily Ever After: Kenni & Siew Cheng's wedding Part 1

Reached home late last night, as a result, I only crawled to bed at 1 plus.
Eaarly in the morning at 7, was dragged up by my mum from cosy bed. It's my cousin's wedding today, gonna head to his house to witness the journey of the happy couple.

Get myself prepared and dolled up, and we are ready to go.

Arriving at cousin's place.
I could instantly feel the happiness arising from the atmosphere. The gate were filled with balloons to welcome the guests, the red carpet for the groom and bride to walk on.

Very impressive isn't it?
Let me bring you around to see the newlyweds' room.

The bed was placed with a plate of oranges, lotus seeds and other fruits as an omen of fertility.
Wooden clogs, slippers and a set of washbasins were placed in the room. This is also known as buckets of off-spring 子孙桶.
The sun is shinning bright in the sky. Time checked, it's 8.50am. The newlyweds will be arriving soon at 9.30am.

Love my makeup done on the day. Though my makeup was done in a madly rush, but I'm still looking good with it ♥

Another camwhoring shot. Realised I haven been taking camwhoring shots nowadays. Kinda of miss it, I will try to take more now.

Many of my relatives also commented that I looked so different today, some couldn't recognised me and asked my mum why didn't I come. Lol, do I really look so different without my spectacle and in makeup???
Went to Yong's room next. Wow, my bro is a war game lover, see the gun display?
Don't play play with him oh.
With my cousins and their relatives.
We are waiting eagerly for the newly married couple arrival.

All right, we need to hide ourselves in one corner of the house to avoid clashing of luck.
Wow, I had learnt a lesson on chinese wedding today.
The bride and groom has arrived.

I have to agree to the fact that every girl looks so beautiful on that wedding day. It's the most memorable occasion of every girl's life.

Siew Cheng looked so stunning and beautiful, just like a princess from a fairytale story.
The couple then head up to the bridal room after entering the groom's house.
Hmm, what are the brothers and sisters discussing?

Take a look at the wedding car.

I miss driving.

Kee Ching.

The couple have joined us the hall for prayers to my cousin's ancestors.
Following next, is the tea ceremony.
Some of the things to look out for during tea ceremony:

The bride will have to stand on the right side of the groom. The male elder being served will sit facing the bride while the female elder will sit facing the groom. The bride and groom will then bow to the elders and greet them by their formal title in the family while serving them tea.
After the tea ceremony, the bride and groom then made their way for outdoor photoshoot.

We wish you happiness and blissful marriage.
With my kor. He is also the one of the best man.
So funny, the couple brought all the penguins balloons away for photoshoot.
Back to my cousin's room to rest.
My cousin is also a fishing lover. Check out the number of fishing rods at his home???
With my precious youngest cousin. Had a hard time tricking him in taking picture with me. He is good at dodging camera. Nevertheless, I still have my way with kids.

After doing some catching up with my relative, we headed home for a rest before going to the dinner.


  1. Wow. Congratulation to the bride and bridegroom. I have an aunty who have just married last Saturday.

  2. @ Luporti: Thanks, congrat to your aunty too (:

  3. I thank you on behalf of her. :)



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