Saturday, July 1, 2017

Kelvin and Peina's Solemnization at TungLok Signatures

Hello July, a month that I look forward to.
A month that is filled with lots of activities for me starting from the first day of July.

Today marked a significant moment for my cousin, Kelvin, because it was his solemnization ceremony where he pledged his love to his wife-to-be and signed on the marriage certificate. The ceremony was held at TungLok Signatures @ The Central. Allen came to fetch us over to the venue.

The table was decorated with cute decor.

The ceremony was held at the outdoor private area which offers a scenery view of the Singapore River, creating a casual and relax ambience. 

Awaiting the groom and bride.
The setup was 90% done, left only the rings.

The groom was here doing last round of check.
My cousin looked so dashing that day.

The siblings were busy behind the scene, preparing the stuffs. 
Allen and Karen was looking at youtube tutorial video on how to tie the rings to the cushion.

The solemnization ceremony began with the presence of the solemnizer and 2 witnesses.
The solemnizer sought confirmation from the bride and groom to ensure they enter the marriage in their own free will. 

During the ceremony, the couple exchanged their wedding rings. 

The couple then exchanged their vows and signed on the marriage certificate.
It was a lovely afternoon witnessing their love vows and continuing their next journey together hand in hand. Now my cousin was off the market, another good catch gone.

It's a love story, baby just say yes.
I do.

Congratulations to Kelvin and Peina for being husband and wife now.

My cousin booked a private dining room in TungLok Signatures which can house 2 tables. I love the private dining area which allows us to have privacy. We were treated to a 7 course sumptuous lunch.

First up was Deep-fried prawn with wasabi mayo and salted egg yolk with fresh fruit.

The salted egg prawn was very appealing, leaving me wanting for more. The wasabi mayo prawn tasted great too, not too overwhelming but strong enough to give the kick.

Second dish was Braised shark fin with bamboo fungus and diced conpoy.

Sauteed scallop served with salad green in X.O chilli sauce.
The scallop has a mild spiciness in it

I loved steamed fish but don't like that it has many bones.

Crispy chicken with sesame seeds.
Not really a big fan of roasted chicken so I just took a piece. 

Glutinous rice.

Dessert is always what I'm looking forward to, chilled aloe vera lemon jelly toppled with green lime sorbet. The sweetness of the aloe vera matched well with the slightly sour sorbet.

Thanks cousin for inviting us for the ceremony and wonderful lunch. Congratulations on your new status and look forward to your wedding banquet in September.

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