Friday, April 6, 2018

The Secret Jay Chou's Jukebox Musical Opening Night

A remarkable musical that follows the passionate story of Jay Chou’s iconic movie – THE SECRET is finally here in Singapore.

Being a fan of Jay Chou's this musical got me feeling thrilled and getting the best of both worlds -  watching the movie scenes and listening to the familiar songs of Jay Chou.

The Secret Jay Chou's Jukebox Musical is now showing in Singapore at the MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands, from now to 15 April 2018. 

Ticket price starts from $48 to $148.

Wed - Fri: 8pm 
Sat: 2pm & 8pm 
Sun: 1pm & 6pm 

The Secret Musical is created by award-winning Broadway team featuring more than 20 famous songs of Jay Chou, creating a Jukebox Musical.

Watching Jay Chou's Jukebox Musical is like re-watching the movie. The Secret is an adaptation of Jay Chou's multi award-winning directorial debut, Secret. 

As we watched the musical, we traveled back through time with a student in piano major, Ye Xianglun, and the beautiful and mysterious student, Lu Xiaoyu. 

Fear not if you don't understand Chinese because there are digital screens at both sides of the stage with English surtitles during the show.

Xianglun and Xiaoyu first met each other in the piano room and a beautiful romantic love story unfolds as the secret that connects them is revealed. 

This is a passion, friendship, love, family and youth filled musical not to be missed. Listening to all these songs made me want to sing along. Nothing beats listening to all the Jay Chou's songs that got me want to hit the replay button if there is. 

The musical features these songs:

The rooftop scene was my favourite scene. The place where they sang 屋顶 and share their first kiss.

(男)半夜睡不着觉 把心情哼成歌 只好到屋顶找另一个梦境 
(女)睡梦中被敲醒 我还是不确定 怎会有动人弦律在对面的屋顶 我悄悄关上门 带着希望上去 原来是我梦里常出现的那个人 
(男)那个人不就是我梦里那模糊的人 我们有同样的默契 
用天线 排成爱你的形状 Ho~

The musical ended with a sweet ending.

The musical was light-hearted with some hilarious scenes included. There was never a boring moments and the sequential of the songs were all nicely arranged and meaningful. The songs were all deeply etched in my memory. The piano melody too was beautiful and touched my heart.

It was a great performance put up by the casts.
Great music, great casts and quality time spent create an unforgettable night for me.

The Secret Jay Chou's Jukebox Musical is now showing at MasterCard Theatres @ Marina Bay Sands until 15 April 2018. Click here for purchase of tickets.

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