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The Fruit Hut Review: Fruits Delivery Singapore

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

We all heard about this phrase since young and know that having sufficient intake of fruits daily is important to ensure we obtain the nutrients required for a healthy diet.

With majority of us still working from home to minimise human interaction, we spend most of our time at home. Very often, we turn to e-commerce website to purchase our items in the comfort of home.

Today I am going to introduce you an e-commerce site where you can purchase fresh fruits online, The Fruit Hut - Fruits Delivery Singapore.

The Fruit Hut - Fruits Delivery Singapore provides over 80 varieties of fresh quality fruits from the best farm worldwide. They are the only fruits store in Singapore to have a large refrigeration chamber storing the fruits between 3-7 degrees, ensuring that the fruits in store do not lose the freshness fast. 

The Fruit Hut - Fruits Delivery Singapore carries out stringent checks to ensure that no bad fruit will be delivered to us. 
I initially ordered a soursop. However on the date of delivery, The Fruit Hut called and said that the soursop arrived that day were not fresh and they don't intend to sell, and I can choose other fruits to replace with it. I must say they really take pride in ensuring only fresh fruits are delivered to us.

My order arrived at 6.45pm which was within the stipulated timing between 5pm to 7pm. The fruits were nicely packed in a box with plastic wrap sealed to preserve the freshness.

The Fruit Hut - Fruits Delivery Singapore has 8 storage units and order packing stations located strategically around the island, making it possible to delivery our orders within 2 hours and freshly to our doorsteps.

Flat Rate of $9.70: For delivery within 2 hours
Free Delivery: For orders $60 and above

Here's what I have ordered, I was spoiled for choices by the wide variety of fruits that are available. From berries to citrus fruits to tropical fruits to seasonal fruits, there bound to be something that will catch your eyes.

Thanks Best in Singapore for sharing the 10 Best Fruits Delivery in Singapore which ease our burden to carry heavy fruits home from wet markets or supermarkets.

Under fresh fruits selection, I picked on Dole Banana (5 pieces at $2.90)
There are 2 options available, you can pick on fully ripe or somewhat ripe (with hint of green). I chose the latter option.

We used the banana to fry pancake for our lunch. It saved us the hassle to buy back lunch.

Berries and grapes are one of my favourite fruits, I love it so much that I picked 3 fruits out of this section.  These fruits are to be kept chill and I like that there was a label to indicate the best before date to consume the fruits.

I have chosen Africa Blueberry (125g - $6.50). I love the light sweetness that the blueberries carried. Not only that, they are one of the superfood which are rich in nutrients and low in calories. 

Perhaps because the size was small, we cleared finished the whole box in mere minutes. 

Next was AUS Strawberry (250g - $6.90).
The strawberries were really big and juicy, rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.You can just purely consume the strawberries as fruits or use it to make milkshake, smoothie or cake.

This batch of strawberries contained more sour notes than sweet notes. I guess it's by luck to see if you get the sour or sweet strawberries.

I picked on Spain Black S/L Crisp Grapes (500g - $12.90).
I like the grapes are seedless which make it easier to consume, just pop it in the mouth. Grapes are also good for eyesight, just something I am in need of, as I am someone who spend 2/3 of the day on screen. The grapes have a balance of sweet and sour flavours.

Moving on to citrus fruits, there are a few variants of oranges available and I picked on USA Sunkist Orange 4383(5pcs - $5). Orange is another fruit that is rich in Vitamin C and boost immune system. You can use it to make orange juice for something chilling.

Under tropical fruits, I ordered PHL Dole Solo Papaya ($6). Dole papaya has an excellent source of fiber, potassium and vitamin. Being someone who is not a fan of vegetables, I always rely on fruits intake to obtain the necessary nutrients for a balance diet.

The papaya flesh were sweet and juicy. I had it in the late afternoon to curb my hunger for snacks. Having fruits before meal will also help in weight loss as it will curb your hunger and reduce your food intake for your meal.

Last but not least, from the tropical fruit selection, I also picked THA Golden Honey Mango (2 pieces - $10). I really missed going to Thailand so I decided to get these mangoes from Thailand to reminisce the good food in Thailand.

If you are looking for hassle free shopping avenue of fresh fruits, The Fruit Hut - Fruits Delivery Singapore is an option for you. I can easily purchase a few days worth of fruits in just a few clicks. The selection are countless and amazing, you can even choose the supplier countries that you prefer.

To find out more or place your order, please visit The Fruit Hut - Fruits Delivery Singapore

Do also follow Best in Singapore to find out the best things Singapore has to offer. Their website is very informative, ranging from food to technology to entertainment to services and finance, they got everything cover.

This post is a collaboration with Best in Singapore and The Fruit Hut - Fruits Delivery Singapore, expressed in my own opinion. Photos captured on The Fruit Hut - Fruits Delivery Singapore website are taken by Owari Photography.

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