Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back 2011

In a blink of an eye, we have come to the end of 2011. Time flies like an arrow, in just a few moment, we will be welcoming the start of 2012.

It's time to reflect on what we had done in 2011:

I must say 2011 had been an awesome year for me, the year where many great memories were created. I have made many new friends, visited lots of places, having lots of fun and gotten a job.
To share some of the highlights of my 2011 life, I have chosen one of my favourite post to share for each of the month:

January 2011

Click in to read my post: At the start of 2011.

I already have a great start at the beginning of 2011.
Good company, good drinking session,  good ambience and good walk at Changi to catch some pretty babe (ehem!). Haha, and also the first time I puke when drinking.

Feburary 2011
Click in to read my post on: Lunar New Year Luunch + K box session.

Lou hei session with my colleagues over at Sentosa Golf Resort - Toss for good fortune. Huat ar~
Followed my a relaxing karaoke session with the clique.

March 2011
Click in to read my post on: Power Duet 《K歌2击队》

My first visit to Mediacorp for a programme recording - Power Duet.

April 2011

Starstruck night. We get to enjoy so many artistes performance live - 黄靖伦, Derrick Hoh, Anthony Neely, Lollipop F, Alien Huang, Se7en and Ella etc.

May 2011
Read my post here: Graduation.

I'm officially out of school. Thanks my friends for being with me through all the difficuly time and overcome all obstacles we met along the way.

It's time to step into the workforce.

June 2011

Possibly my first media conference, indeed an eye-opener event for me.
A preview of what's happening during SHINE Youth Festival.

Read my post here: SHINE Youth Festival Launch.

A festival where I am packed with many activities all day long ~ games, cosplay parade, concert and lots of photos to share.

August 2011

Read my post here: Lucify Reunion Concert.

Lucify is back with it's reunion concert. I have a rocking night with a bunch of friends. Not only that, we were also granted an interview and close up opportunity with Lucify!!!

September 2011
Read my post here: World Runway Premiere.

At the most spectacular fashion event of the year where fashion artists from all over the world unite in this one night: World Runway Premiere.

October 2011

What could be better than to welcome the weekend with fasion showcase and party!!!! We have so much fun in the club, rock and dance with the music!!

November 2011
Read my post here: Longines Singapore Gold Cup.

At Singapore Turf Club with a group of friends where we bet on our first horse racing (for most of us) and watching the live horse race. It's a great and fun experience at the Turf Club. Hope to be there again.

December 2011

Yeah, my cousin is married. I'm so happy for them and for myself too, because I got additional hongbao to collect next year. Lol.

Wanna know the process for chinese wedding, do remember to read my post.

Basically, that summarizes up my year.
So now lets welcome the arrival of 2012. May 2012 be a great year for all of us. In order for that to happen, let us all put in more care and effort for our environment and make the world a better place for us to live in. Remember the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Guinness Live Round 26-YONGWEI vs AYDAN

Yes, I am heading for another round of Guinness Live tonight at Dragonfly. Together with a group of friends, we are here to support our fellow blogger friend, Yong Wei.

Looking forward to his performance!!!

Sharing great night of music only at Guinness Live.

 Is Jason 老师 bringing us his cantonese songs.

 The official drink - Guinness stout.
The bittersweet beer!

Today's PK match - Yongwei from team Dragonfly VS Aydan from team Shanghai Dolly.

Oh gosh, Yongwei is feeling unwell and still he is here for the PK match. I admired his attitude and profession towards the match.

The PK team: Adyan starts off the match first with 愛你一萬年.

Nice post to kickstart the song. After hearing this song over and over again during Guinness Live, I began to love this song. I love the way they sang it, it's full of feeling.

I couldn't help but indulge myself in the song and sing along with them:

我愛你我心已屬於你 今生今世不移 
在我心中再沒有誰 代替你的地位
我要為我再想一想 我決定愛你一萬年

This is my first time seeing Aydan live performance and I must say his performance is great, a potential music talent in the making.

Thumb up for Yongwei's spirit, despite being unwell, he continued to bring his performance to the best he can go.
Ganbatte !!!
Comments time.
Another popular song that Aydan's sings: 熱情的沙漠
I like this song equally. Aydan is so hyper when singing, everybody starts to rock and move!!!

沙漠有了我 永远不寂寞 
我在高声唱 你在轻声和 
Yongwei stunned us when his last performance. He actually sang a hokkien song: 一支小雨伞
Nice hokkien hits. I love listening to hokkien songs too. Yeah, to the hokkien punk.

Result time:

Yongwei from team Dragonfly scored a total of 83 points.
Aydan from team Shanghai Dolly scored a total of 81 points.

With 2 points leading, Yongwei won the PK match and team Dragonfly scored the votes.
Congratulations Yongwei, you did it today. Your effort paid off.

Though Aydan did not win the match, but I peronally like his performance. It's awesome!!! Jiayou!!!

Week for dinner gathering

27/12/11 Tuesday

It's been so long since I last meet up with my poly peers, everyone is busy with their own commitments. Thus, It's often so hard to meet together in group. But today, everybody tried their best to make themselves free for a dinner gathering.

We had our dinner at Saizeriya Ristorante @ Liang Court, an Italian family-styled restaurant.
Thanks CL for the recommendation, now I have a new eat out place. If you are looking for price affordable restaurant, you can consider coming to Saizeriya.

I ordered Bacon Carbonara, it's one of my favourite pasta!!
I love the creamy sauce and bacon ❤
Still not full yet, we ordered Hawaiian pizza to share.
Total damage per person is only like 10 bucks. Isn't it price affordable??
After our long dinner and chit-chat session, we took a stroll by the river, admiring the beauty of Singapore river.

Took the opportunity to take a picture with each of them. I can't believe the last time I saw them was actually 4 months ago!!! I wanna when is our next meet up??
With Chan Lin who is currently serving the NS.
With Christine who is like me, we have stepped into the workforce.

With Grace, the most busy OL I have seen among our batch. I have fear asking her out on weekdays, high potential that she will fly aeroplane on me.

It's so awesome seeing friends that you have not meet for a period of time. Knowing that everyone of them is leading a good life lifts up my mood.

28/12/11 Wednesday
Meet up with the usuals and have a post birthday dinner with William.
Recommended by William, we settled ourselves down for dinner at TCC @ Circular Road.

The restaurant is very unique compared to the other outlets, it is so beautiful on the second level.
We find ourselves low coffee tables with bean bags. This is really a nice place to hang out with friends and get cosy.

The place has got the homely feel wether you get to laze around.

Also recommended by William, we tried this baby crayfish salad.

Thumb up for that, the crayfish is really fantastic and fresh. We totally loved it.
A photo of the guys: HP, Terence and William.
The boys are all in their smart outfit.
Olive and Mushroom Pomodoro Tagliatelle for William.
Whereas HP got himself Yuzu Scented Spaghetti with Teriyaki Salmon.
The salmon looks good!!!
Ordered another side dish - Spicy-hot wings.
I like the flavours and it is also not too spicy for me. We ♥ chicken wings. The meat is crunchy and juicy!!!
Terence and I ordered the same traditional dish - Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti.

Guess what? I have been having 2 night of spaghetti, not to mention I just had pasta in the afternoon. Hopefully no more pasta or spaghetti this week.
GF gotten herself Seafood Aglio Olio.
We played boardgame right after our dinner. We have so much laughter when playing, I guessed we are too engrossed in it.
Loved spending my time with them.

Friendship is not measured by how long you know each other, but is born at the moment when one says "What? You too? I thought I was the only one."

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guinness Live Round 25 - REGINE vs ALFRED

So right after my dinner with my polymates, Terence came to find me at Liang Court and brought me over to Shanghai Dolly for yet another round of Guinness Live.

I hope Guinness Live does not sound foreign to you as Television and magazines have advertised fiercely on it. I had been to 2 rounds of Guinness Live before to support my friend, Yong Wei:

HP is already enjoying his Guinness beer stout when I reached. Lol.

 While waiting for the show to begin, lets play some dice game.
I have throw the smallest of all - Yidian.

Today's contestant: Regine (Team Shanghai Dolly) vs Alfred (Team Firefly).
It's gonna be an exciting and tough competition. They are both the best singer from each team.
The stage is now all stage for the hot PK battle.
First up is Alfred Sim from Team Firefly - 我真的受伤了
He has good vocal and powerful voice which will caught the heart of the audience.
Regine Han from team Shanghai Dolly with the song - 夜来香

Wow, she is so SEXY today!
Regine's performance is equally good as well. She has the ability to lift up the atmosphere of the club with her singing.
See what Mentor William and Jason gonna say.
Alfred has got stage presence, he knows how to catch the attention of the audiences.
Alfred - 爱你一万年

Watching his performance is an enjoyment. He has controlled the keys and emotions well. Couldn't find fault with it.
Regine is also one of the stars of the Guinness Live Unplugged last year.
With many years of experience of stage, Regine is seem as calm and charm on stage.

Regine's performance is awesome. It has won the applause from the crowds.
The begins of round 3:

After hearing all the 3 songs, it's time for the voting:

The audience made up of 75 points - depend on the loudness of cheers
The 3 VIP tables made up of 15 points - 5 points from each table
2 judges made up of 10 points - 5 points from each

After a tough battle, Alfred has emerged as the winner for the match with the score of 88 points. Congratulations to Alfred and team Firefly, you have done well.
Regine has put up a good show too, with the final score of 85 points.

I enjoyed both performance, they are equally awesome.

If you wish to find out more about Guinness Live, please visit here for more information:


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