Monday, December 31, 2012

Lunch at Nando's on New Year Eve

A brand new year is approaching.

On the last day of 2012, I met up with my clique for a lunch gathering at Nando's Bugis. We have come to the end of the year, I will like to thank them for being with me throughout this year. We have created lots of great memories together.

May 2013 be another awesome year for us.

From left to right: William, GF, HP, Terence and your truly.
The five of us have a fun time at our platter party. We even put the so-called "party hat" on.

We were drooling looking at our platter set. Can we start to eat?

Thanks William for the photo. 
With the cock head on, both of us resembled the Nando's mascot, Barci.

The five of us were ready to attack the Peri-peri chicken.

We missed the juicy chicken.

The fries tasted good with the spice added on it.

Chicken wings.

A must order everytime we are here - Cheesecake.
Our group love cheesecake!!!

Andrew came to join us after that.
We have a sumptuous lunch gathering. Thanks William for the treat, we enjoyed the lunch so much.

A day spend with my close friends is a day well spent.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mint Showcase II Media Preview

Mint Showcase II is back.

After 2 years, Mint is back again with her showcase II. 
Mint Showcase started in January 2011 where Mint and Band performed a total of 10 original songs written and composed by herself to a crowd of 100. 

Following the success of Mint Showcase I, Mint and Band started preparation for Mint Showcase II, 5 months before the actual performance dates. Mint Showcase II promises to be bigger and better than the first. 

This time round, they are performing a total of 12 songs, comprising of 6 originals from Mint Leong (from Mint Showcase I), 1 original from Desmond Wong and 5 cover songs with the theme, Dreams & Support: 我是一只鱼,感动天感动地,我的未来不是梦,你还是要幸福 and 红蜻蜓。

Details of Mint Showcase II

Dates: 12th (Saturday) and 13th (Sunday) of January 2013 
Time: 1pm to 4pm on both days 
Venue: All About Eve Bar 
Ticket Prices: Online purchase $22.00 per ticket, At the door purchase $25.00 per ticket

Visit to register for your tickets online.

2 Special Guest Performers will also be making their appearance during Mint Showcase II:

Ruth Wei Miao Ru
Singapore representative at the Million Star 华人星光大道 Season Two '12.

Silver Ang
I am sure most of you are familiar with Silver. She is an actress and finalist of Project Superstar 2005.

Thanks William for the photo.

I am so happy for Mint. Your efforts have paid off.
From the moment I know Mint, she has been someone who had a great passion for Mandopop Music and she is now gaining recognition in the Singapore music scene. 
Mint is also the singer for Mediacorp Channel 8 kids drama songs - We Are Good Kids & The Cheerful Drumbeat.

Keep up the good work, we will always be there to support you ♥

Mint introducing the band:
The band is a collaboration between 5 members: Mint Leong (Vocalist), Desmond Wong (bassist), Hng Wei Wen (Drummer), Won (guitarist) & Chan Yiyang(keyboardist).

During the preview, Mint has sang a total of 6 songs - 3 original and 3 cover songs.
I loved her cover songs. It matched well with the theme - Dreams and Support.

Dream comes true if you have the courage to pursue it.

A mini cake eating ceremony to celebrate the success of Mint Showcase II Preview.
The handmade cupcakes from Creamery Butter was liked by everyone.

If you think that this is a normal slice of lemon cake, you are absolutely wrong.

This was actually a Lemon Meringue Delight Soap Cake from Bomb Cosmetics. It can be used like any normal bar of soap.

There were more variety of soap on display. Argh, I felt like grabbing one and eat it. I'm too hungry le.

Proceed for the real food prepared by Mint's mother. 

We had a great gathering session at All About Eve Bar. This was my first time here, I must say All About Eve Bar is a cosy place to chill and relax.

All About Eve Bar is located at:
144 Arab Street #02-01
Singapore City 199829

Remember to support Mint Showcase II on 12th and 13th January 2013.

For more information, visit her blog at

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Label.m Professional Haircare

My hair is always caught in a desperate mess. It is dry and frizzy.
How can I get rid of this bad condition?

I think I need professional haircare to keep my hair in top condition and healthy looking.

And label.m came to the rescue.

About label.m
label.m is an award winning fashion-inspired haircare range developed by professional stylists under the creative eye of a dynamic international artistic team led by Toni & Sacha Mascolo, it combines hairdressing and formulations expertise to provide hair styling at its best.

Conceived in salon, label.m is loved by professionals and customers across the globe. 

The first prep stage to healthy glowing hair:

Clarify, nourish, repair and maintain our hair with label.m Gentle Cleansing Shampoo.

label.m Gentle Cleansing Shampoo cleanses our hair effectively and rebalances the moisture. It contains Enviroshield Complex that gives uber-shine to our hair and, protect our har against heat-styling and UV rays. Soy and Wheat Proteins aids in strengthening the hair while Vanilla, Sweet Pea and Currant boost body and shine.

2 things that I will look for whenever I purchased a shampoo:

Fragrance and function.

I loved the sweet scent that lingered on my hair after showering with gentle cleansing shampoo. The shampoo make my hair feel soft and moisturized. When combing my hair, they get untangled easily without causing much hair loss. I am starting to notice the silkiness in my hair already.

The second prep stage to complement the cleanse stage:

Nourish and add shine to our hair with label.m Peppermint Treatment.

Expertly formulated with scalp-stimulating peppermint to increase blood supply to the hair follicle, this uber refreshing, lightweight Label.m Peppermint Treatment invigorates both hair and scalp. 

Now our hairstyle can be recreated daily with Label.m Peppermint Treatment and it’s innovative Enviroshield Complex that optimises shine, protecting hair from structural damage caused by heat styling and UV rays. 

Directions of use: 
• Apply to freshly shampooed hair, combing through from roots to ends. 
• For extra conditioning benefits, leave in for one minute before rinsing out

With peppermint treatment, I can skip using conditioner. My hair get easily combed through and it tamed my frizzy hair. Use this treatment once a week.

Next stage, create and style our hair with label.m Protein Spray.

label.m Protein Spray is a moisturising blend of Jasmine, Sweet Pea, Vanilla, Wheat and Soy which help to shield hair from heat damage and UV rays and even out porosity. The innovative Enviroshield Complex, exclusive to label.m, further protects hair against heat styling, sun and damaged hair, while providing seductive shine.

Direction of use:
• Spray liberally on damp or dry hair and comb through. 
• Use after colouring to prevent fading and damage.

label.m Protein Spray is every stylist's best friend. It helps to moisture and strengthen my dried out hair.
With it, I can keep my hair in tamed without worrying about the wind messing with my hair.

You can style it in the way you want.

I love the packaging, they are so classy.
I am impressed by label.m, my hair has become so easily managed and healthier now.

Festive season is approaching, it's time to pamper and treat your hair.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tiger Beer Festive Party - The Biggest Party Of The Year!

Have you been good this year?

Yes, I have been good this year. 
Thus, to reward myself for the good work, I attended Tiger Beer's Festive Party which took place at F1 Pit Building together with a big group of friends.

This gonna be Tiger Beer's biggest party of the year with more than 1,500 Singaporeans revelling to the pumping sounds of sets performed by prominent local music personalities DJ KoFlow, Kevin Lester (frontman of band Sixx) and DJ duo Fingerscroxxed, made up of veteran DJ Nomsta and Amanda Ling (ex-member of local group Electrico).

the party is a culmination of activities run by Tiger Beer as part of its tongue-in-cheek “Have You Been Good This Year” campaign for the festive season.

Credits Tiger Beer Singapore facebook.

Here’s to festive celebrations. 
Here’s to tiger time.

Oh yeah and we were on stomp.
Lol. TZ was caught forever eating sausage.....

Thanks HP for the photo.
Let's get the party started with our table of tiger beer.

A toast for a better new year, a better tomorrow.

Everybody took their turn individually and raise the glass to William to wish him "Happy Birthday" in advance. Poor birthday boy.

Words can't describe how high we were.
We felt like flying up high. Terence was a very good example (: 

With my 2 girlfriends ♥♥♥

Say yeah and smile to the camera.
Remember what I said earlier that TZ was forever eating sausage. I got evidence again. Lol. 

This was probably the best Tiger Beer party that I ever went. Thanks Tiger Beer for throwing such a great party. We looked forward to the next one. 

With the awesome people, let's party like a rock star.

With the free flow of beer, we were all getting pretty high.
Time to get our feet shuffling!

Party rock with GF and GJ.

With my besties - Andrew and Jas (:

Credits Tiger Beer Singapore facebook.

DJ KoFlow showing off his scratching tracks. With his dynamic style, he never failed to rock the party crowds.

And the group of us headed to the dance floor.
Somehow dancing at the dance floor seems bored, we went up to the stage to dance and bring the crowds high.
Can't emphasize how much fun we had dancing.

Keep the night going with Tiger Beer.

Say hello to our dancing king.

Credits to Stomp.

We were not high because of the alcohol content, we were high by nature.

Credits to Stomp.

Proud to say we are the last man standing.

Thanks Tiger Beer once again for throwing such an awesome party. We had so much fun that night, it was a blast one. Cheers to a fabulous 2013 ahead.

For more information, do visit Tiger Beer Singapore facebook.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shiraz Lazziz Bistro & Bar @ The Star VIsta

I'm here at The Star Vista again. 
This time round, I visited Shiraz Lazziz Bistro & Bar.

Shiraz Lazziz is a contemporary Persian Bistro Bar nestled in the alfresco second floor area of The Star Vista. “Lazziz” stands for delicious in Persian and it offers Persian cuisine such as signature charcoal grilled kebabs and shawarmas. There is also a range of exclusive fusion dishes that have been specifically created for Shiraz Lazziz. 

The cosy, chic atmosphere of Lazziz makes it destination location for patrons to hang out and relax with a drink while savouring the finest grilled meats served from the amazing show kitchen.

The unique open kitchen concept is a sensational feature that provides for a “meal with a view.” But it is not just a show! The live charcoal grill makes for the finest and freshest barbeque. 

While retaining the modern bistro concept, detailed attention has been given to ensure that elements of Persian influence are subtly present. For instance, all the table tops at Shiraz Lazziz have a special motif pattern inspired by Persian Art.


I can't wait to start the dinner. Get ready to immerse into the Persian Cuisine under the moonlight:

Cranberry juice to ease my thirst.

BBQ Chicken Wing.

Selected chicken wings and drumettes marinated with saffron, olive oil, lemon juices which are grilled to perfection. Served with spicy tomato sauce.

The meat is tender and juicy. The accompanied spices make the chicken wing taste even more yummy. It is definitely worth trying. Don't miss it.


Shiraz special soup with onion, carrots and vermicelli cooked with olive oil and tomato to perfection.

I love the soup, it is flavourful and rich-tasting. I dipped it along with the basket of bread. They paired well together.

Salad Shirazi

Mixture of diced cucumber, tomatoes and onions tossed in herbs and mixed with olive oil and served as a refreshing salad.

Let's go healthy and eat some veggies. 
Simple ingredients taste equally good as well. The salad is freshly served to us.
The salad is also well-mixed and it was appetizing. For someone like me who is really not a fan of veggies, I actually find myself helping with more servings of the salad.

Chicken Shawarma

Boneless chicken marinated with saffron, Persian spices and lemon juice. Grilled to perfection.

Shiraz Duck Leg.

Marinated and oven roasted duck leg finished with a touch of traditional pomegranate sauce and served with Zereshk polo.

The duck leg was marinated for a day and slow roasted for over 4 hours to achieve a perfectly crisp skin while the meat remains tender and juicy.

Lamb Kubideh.

Double skewers of tender ground lamb chargrilled to perfection. Served with basmati rice.

I must say the lamb is really good. The meat is tender and flavourful. Usually when I ate lamb meat, they would have this strong aftertaste of the meat that linger in my mouth, however for Lamb Kubideh, I totally do not have this feeling. It is the best lamb meat that I have ever tasted.

Meigu Polo

Selected prawns and long grain basmati rice slowly cooked with Persian herbs and saffron to seal the natural sweetness and fresh flavours for a rich and hearty dish that is a Shiraz Lazziz special.

A dinner typically includes combinations of premium long grain fragrant rice with meat, chicken or fish; with garlic, vegetables and nuts. The flavor is balanced with the delicate addition of premium Persian spices, such as saffron. 

Shiraz specializes in Grilled Kebabs. These popular meaty specials are served in bite sized goodness and skewered to perfection. The meat consists only of the finest fillet, chicken, lamb or beef and lightly seasoned with the chef’s secret recipe. In order to impart more flavors to the meats, they are scintillatingly cooked over charcoal. Only the freshest cuts of poultry, meat, and fish are used, ensuring an authentic taste

Shirazi Kebab

Beef marinated with Persian spices and grilled to perfection, served with salad and potato wedges.

Chicken Kubideh

Double skewers of tender ground chicken chargrilled to perfection. Served with basmati rice.

I love the different spices that are present in the chicken, making it so appetizing. The chicken is cooked to perfect and the meat is super tender. I love how they served good quality of food.

Chicken Roll with Cheese

Marinated chicken breast stuffed with chicken ham, cheese and bread, and deep fried to perfection with a eye pleasing golden brown cloir. Served with crispy salad, fries and accompanied with our chef’s secret sauce.

The combination of chicken breast and cheese is awesome. The cheese enhanced the flavour of the dish, now the chicken tasted juicy sweet.


An aphrodisiac pastry filled with chopped nuts and pistachios flavored in honey. The top choice for Middle-Eastern royalty!

Head down to Shiraz Lazziz Bistro & Bar and try it. The food served here are incredibly good and definitely worth the price.

Shiraz Lazziz Bistro & Bar is located at:
1 Vista Exchange Green 
#02-20 The Star Vista 
Singapore 138617

Operating hours:
Weekdays 11am to 11pm 
Weekends 11am to 1am


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