Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Triple O's @ Orchard Tower

Do you heard before that Singapore is a food paradise?

Being a multi-racial society, Singapore's growing Food & Beverage sector has in recent years seen a proliferation of mini cages and restaurants serving a variety of cuisines sprouting up around the town ranging from mouthwatering traditional Asian delicacies to heart Western cuisines.

So today, we make a visit to one of the renowned Canadian burger restaurant, Triple O's located at Orchard Towers.

Let me share with you a little background information about Triple O's.

Since 1928, Triple O's had offered their mouth-watering delicious burger with generous tasty toppings and savory sauce. Besides the famous Bacon and Cheese burger, Triple O's also served a variety of satisfying dishes and drinks like the freshly cut fries, sweet potato fries, hand tossed caesar salad and the thick classic milkshakes.

Triple O's had just opened its third outlet in Singapore at Orchard Towers which catered  to the late night shoppers and movie goers yearning for quality late night supper food. Tucked in the bustling Orchard Road, working executives and families can look forward to a burger-o-licious supper feast in a fuss-free yet laid back settling that induces long stay.

I am ready to sink my teeth into the famous Canadian burger. 

First up, for our side dishes:
Chicken Strips, Onion Rings and Sweet Potato Fries.

I like the chicken strips the best, it is crispy on the outer while the inner is tender juicy. The strips of chicken are breaded and cooked until they are crispy on the outside.
The onion ring is good too, I like the crunchiness of the fried onion ring, super crispy.

If you ever try their sweet potato fries, you got to dip it with their specialty sauce. It added flavour to the cajun seasoned sweet potato fries. 

I had the signature chocolate milkshakes. Triple O's milkshakes are are hand scooped and come in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavours. It was so nice that I gulped down half the cup in my first mouth. With the chocolate sauce blended, the milkshake was awesome.

Here comes the main highlight:

Triple O's Original Burger.
Four juicy ounces of 100% fresh Canadian beef patty topped with our famous Triple "O" sauce. It is made from the freshest ingredients and the burger is only prepared only when there is an order.

I had the Deep-sea Ling Cod Fish Burger.
The cod fish is well seasoned and deep fried. It is tender and juicy good with crispy crunch, the texture is just right. One thing about Triple O's burgers is that the portion is really huge, we had it cut into two for sharing.

We ordered another side dish for sharing: Poutine (Gravy and Cheese).

Initially we were all very puzzled so what is poutine, it turned out to be Canadian fries. The fries were chipped from select Kennebec potatoes, top them with melting cheese curds, drizzle them with gravy and serve it all up Quebec-style.

I like how the fries were served in gravy, the taste was so unique and one-of-its-kind. I like it so much that I couldn't resist myself from having more.

Last but not least, I had strawberry ice-cream to end off my meal. My dinner will not be complete with dessert. Savour in the ice-cream sundaes (:

Triple O's is really a good place to hang out with a group of friends and have a hearty meal. We enjoyed the food and each other companion. If you happen to be at Orchard in late night and looking for quality supper meal, remember to come Triple O's. Triple O's operates till 6am in the morning from Thursday to Saturday. 

Triple O's
400 Orchard Road,
Orchard Towers #01-29C
Singapore 238875

Located next to 7-11 stores at the main road.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beauty Review: Sexy Look 4D Duo Lifting Mask + LOVEMORE Collagen Eye Firming Patch

It is time for facial mask again.

Facial mask is more than just a luxury. It is a necessity for me as it helps to moisturise and nourish my skin. Therefore, I will make sure I apply the mask once a week.

I was being introduced to Sexylook 4D Duo Lifting Mask. Having tried those usual mask and 3D mask, this is my first time hearing about 4D mask. It makes me eager to try out the mask and share the result with all of you.

I have gotten SexyLook Escargot Extract Intense Healing 4D Duo Lifting Mask.

Infused with escargot mucin and masterwort extract, this mask is made for intensive repairing! Moist-lock ion makes sure that skin is kept hydrated for maximum healing effect.

Sexy Look 4D Mask is set for effortless skin pampering with innovative mask design doubled with the finest ingredients. The double lifting mask is now more elastic, soaked with 30ml of Natural Certified Hyaluronic Acid infused essence to maximize facial care power.

There are a total of 5 mask sheet in a box. 
They contain premium nutrients for skin's natural resilience. 

About Sexy Look 4D mask:

- Cutting Edge Facial Care Approach
- Material Upgrade with High Elastic Fiber
- Eco-certified Nano Hyaluronic Acid Infused
- Ultra fine Molecules Penetrate Effortlessly
- Moisturizes your skin inside out
- Ergonomic Double Lifting design maximizes essence absorption

After cleansing and toning my face, I immediately applied the mask over my face. Next, pull the ear-hook on both sides towards ears and hook.

After which, pull neck-piece upwards and hook on ears.

Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes. No rinsing is required after removing the mask, massage the remaining essence onto skin. Complete the routine with skin care lotion/cream to lock in the moisture essence.

The Escargot Extract Intense Healing mask is exactly what I need. As I have combination skin, I always look for products that have hydrating function. Immediately after the mask, I could feel my skin has become supple and hydrated. It has brightened up my skin, making me feel so refreshed. Applying the lifting mask in a long run also help to tighten and sharpen our chin area.

I have been using Secy Look masks all along ever since the first time I started using in 2011. I love it so much, especially the latest 4D Duo Lifting Mask. You should try it too. 

For more information, please visit


There is a saying that the eyes are the window to our soul! 

Everybody wants to have a pair of beautiful eyes. I am no exception, I want to get rid of my dark circles and puffy eyes.

Due to late night sleeping habit, I have a pair of tired and exhausted looking eyes.
Sometimes, people will approach me and ask: "Eh, what did you do last night? Why you look so tired?"

In fact, I don't feel tired myself but people viewed me as being tired. Since then, I always rely on eye makeup to cover up all these flaws.

It is essential to take extra care of the eye contour as it is also the most delicate area of our skin. As we age, skin loses its elasticity and becomes thinner due to breakdown of collagen. Let's fight the ageing skin with Lovemore eye mask.

Lovemore has come up with their new product, eye mask, this September - Platinum Eye Whitening PatchSnail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch and Collagen Eye Firming Patch.

Today I will be sharing with you on Collagen Eye Firming Patch.
It has the function of anti puffy eyes. With the collagen eye firming patch, it helps to diminish my puffy eyes.

Collagen Eye Firming Patch improves our skin elasticity with extra boost of collagen. It is packed with marine collagen and green coffee extract to instantly boost our eye contour youthfulness.

Firming - Marine Collagen & Peptide Complex & Pepha Tight
Dehydrating - Co Q10 & Green Coffee
Moisturising - Nano-Hyaluran & Vitamin E

It has special ear-hook design that gives you ultra-lifting effect while holding it in place while we moving around doing chores.

There are a total of 5 pieces of eye mask in a box.

After cleansing, place the mask under eyes area. and leave it for 15-20 minutes. After which, remove the mask and massage the remaining essence to be absorbed.

This is my first time seeing such design of eye mask, it's really very innovative. It makes me feel very secured without the fear of it dropping when I walked around. It also makes me feel like some superhero with the mask on.

This is the best eye mask I have used so far. It helps to moisturise my eye area and brighten up my dull looking eyes, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and supple. Not only that, eye makeup also stay longer when applied the next day.

As our eye area is more delicate and sensitive, we need to take extra care to slow down ageing process, diminish dark circles and puff eyes. Start using Lovemore Eye Mask now to fight these problems.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Big Bang's Concert at 2013 Formula 1 (F1) Singtel Singapore Grand Prix Day 1

I was so looking forward to that Friday because weekend is finally here and I'm gonna catch Big Bang. It's time to gear up for the night race and hot entertainment.

F1 Night Race is back in Singapore after one year of waiting. This marked my second year to F1, I was here for Maroon 5 last year.

I had been counting down day and night for this date to arrive. It will be my first time watching Big Bang live performance. Big Bang, I'm coming!

Got news from Steffi that the fan zone was still not fully packed yet, so GF and I decided to head straight to the Padang stage after our dinner.

Having a good chat with GF while killing time. 

As well as watching the screening of the practicing round.

With Christine. I love going to concert with friends who love kpop like me.
Thanks for coming back to look for me when we got separated.

Once the night race ended at 11pm, everybody was counting down to Big Bang's performance at 11.15pm.
Before the boys were out, "Fantastic Baby" video was being played on the screen. Everybody was screaming and singing along with the video. It was really an unforgettable sight.

And yes, the boys were out with the opening performance "Tonight" and "Hands Up".
Upon seeing the boys. I could feel the 4 hours of waiting immediately paid off.

I was charmed by their action. G Dragon, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri rocked my night.

A closer look of Taeyang. 
Though it is fashionable, but it is freaking hot to wear like this in Singapore.

G Dragon had explained that this was Big Bang's second time in Singapore for F1. They were happy to be back here again. The VIPs were all feeling high and elated too. At once, Padang has turned into the biggest party ground with 35,000 fans dancing the night away.

The boys also took turn to greet the fans in English and they communicated in English with us all the way. Thumb up for Big Bang.

My favourite boys of all, TOP.
TOP had shown us the charming and cute side of him that night. He is always so shy, just love him so much ♥♥♥

The maknae Seungri has brought us his solo single "Gotta Talk to U".

Seungri was so funny, he never failed to make us laugh. This was his conversation with us:
Seungri: "Are you guys having fun? ........ Sorry, my English is terrible."

I took a short video at the concert, hope you guys enjoy it.

Taeyang has good interaction with fans as well. This was what he asked:

Taeyang: "Who am I?"
Fans: "Taeyang!"
Taeyang: "Who am I?"
Fans: "Taeyang!"
Taeyang: "I'm a bad boy."

And with that, it brought us to their next song, "Bad Boy".

Taeyang also come up with a rap based on what he eats in Singapore: "I ate chili crab, pepper crab and mantous". (fried buns)

Everybody just love Singapore's crabs.

What I like about Big Bang is their b-boy look, their music talent, infectious tracks and high energy stage performances.

G Dragon thanked all the fans who came down today to support them. He knew that many waited for them since morning and they really appreciate it.

Daesung is so cute!

Good times always passed so fast, we had come to the end of the concert.

Big Bang made a 90 degree bow and bid goodbye to the fans.
The fans were all screaming no and they wanted the boys to come back again. 

After multiple chanting of encore, Big Bang was back on stage again.

They closed the concert with Fantastic Baby. ~ BOOM! Shakalaka! BOOM! Shakalaka! BOOM! Shakalaka! ~

With that, the 80 minutes concert concluded the end of Singapore Grand Prix Day One. The performances were totally awesome as every single members give in their best to make the concert a perfect one. I really love attending concert and watching the performance live.

The concert ended at 12.40am. I was super lucky to be able to catch the last train home. Though I was  feeling tired, but it's totally worth it.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Gala Premiere of “My Lucky Star 《非常幸运》” with Wang Lee Hom and Zhang Ziyi

I was back in Marina Bay Sands again on Friday evening for the Gala Premiere of "My Lucky Star". I was so excited about it because I will be seeing my idol Wang Lee Hom and Zhang Ziyi gracing the red carpet.

At about 8.30pm, everyone had crowd around Skating Rink at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, waiting patiently for the appearance of Wang Lee Hom and Zhang Ziyi. 

While waiting, the theme song of "My Lucky Star" was being played. I immediately fall in love with this song. The song is really nice and sweet, I'm sure you will love it too.

The theme song 《爱一点》sang by Lee Hom and Zhang Ziyi.

The host of the gala premiere was none other than Y.E.S. 93.3FM DJ, Xie Jia Fa.

Wang Lee Hom and Zhang Ziyi were finally here at the red carpet ceremony. My goodness, the two of them were looking so stunning.

Lee Hom is so dashing, he was literally melting my heart.
Did I mention before, Lee Hom was actually my favourite male singer in mandarin pop music.

Lee Hom and Ziyi had shared about their memorable movie scenes when filming in Marina Bay Sands.

Lee Hom's memorable scene: Jumping down from level 57 KU DÉ TA. 
Zhang Ziyi's memorable scene: The part where Lee Hom was swimming at Infinity Pool.

That night was also the first time Lee Hom and Zhang Ziyi will be watching the movie.
I felt so privileged to have them with us.

After some shots taken, we were all ready to proceed to Mastercard Theatre for the movie.

The movie was held at Grand Theatre.
The casts and the director were out again for a speech before the start of the movie.

My Lucky Star 《非常幸运》

Casts: Wang Lee Hom, Zhang Ziyi, Ruby Lin and Yao Chen
Director: Dennie Gordon
Running time: 113 minutes
Release date: 19 September 2013
Genre: Comedy, Romance
My rating: 4/5

See trailer here.

Sophie is back and this time she’s going cosmo. From her stomping grounds in Beijing to tropical high-tech Singapore to the outback fishing villages of Hong Kong to a stunning gondola finale in the mazes of Venetian Macao’s canals, “My Lucky Star” is raising the bar on love and adventure in this new extravagant comedy.

Going nowhere in love and stuck in life as a lowly travel agent, Sophie finds escape in her own comic book creations. Winning the office contest for a prize trip to Singapore suddenly turns her life upside in the best way possible, as she meets there the man of her dreams: David, the handsome super-spy from her own comics.

Their dalliance takes place at the spectacular Marina Bay Sands SkyPark infinity pool, amid their search for the billion-dollar jewel, the “Lucky Star Diamond,” a gem capable of destroying the world, one country at a time.

The soryline is very interesting. Sophie always dreamed to become the girl in her comic book creations, her dream has become real when she won the grand prize  trip to Singapore and meet her prince charming, David.

Sophie then joined David on a mission to find and retrieve the stolen billion-dollar diamond. And their wonderful chemistry began. 

You can also look forward to the fighting scenes because the action choreographer is none other than Jackie Chan. Remember to look out for some of the incredible action put up by Lee Hom.

Lee Hom is like perfect man in the movie, everything about him is flawless. He is so charming in every scene, who could resist the handsome spy agent.

I seriously enjoyed the movie to the max. The comedy part keeps us entertained, while the romance and action packed keep us in suspense. The movie is so nice that I would want to watch for a second time, hehe because I want to see Lee Hom again.


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